GSM Nation, LLC is a rapidly expanding wireless retail and services company with two primary goals:

1. To encourage the US wireless industry to shift away from the practice of roping customers into restrictive, overpriced contracts.

2. To improve online shopping from a complicated, stressful, and opaque experience to one that goes beyond simple retail altogether and includes complete transparency, customizable service, tech support, advice, and more.

We are always working to develop a website and company that reflects these goals. Our anti-contract agenda is the reason, in addition to offering the widest (and best) selection of phones from all over the world, our site also hosts the “Savings Calculator“—a wireless plan comparison tool that has helped users save hundreds of dollars in wireless fees by switching to contract-free services—and the most comprehensive information center to help users learn more about contract-free services and phones.

And our aim of offering a secure, transparent, and fun online shopping experience is the reason we are completely open about who we are and where we work and offer more than just customer service—not only can you keep in touch with us 24/7 through a combination of email or phone but, when you call, it doesn’t just have to be about what phone to buy. It can be for tech support, advice on what wireless service to use, or to learn about what 3G exactly is. If the gossip is interesting enough, we’ll even listen to you complain about your neighbor.

We are also crazy about all things tech and wireless-related and are constantly working to create an online community that holds active discussions around those topics. We regularly upload phone reviews to our Youtube channel and keep in touch with our customers via Twitter. We are also working on adding a discussion forum feature to pages on our site (we’ll keep you posted on that!).