iPads, Lollipop, and More!

This time of year is always full of device debuts and new products, as the world’s major manufacturers work to get their products to market before the busy holiday shopping season. We love seeing all the new toys as they roll out, and we’re pretty sure that you do too!

A few days ago, we told you about the slew of new phones hitting the shelves, but the fun is far from over. Today, we will get to see the new iPad, and yesterday we were introduced to the new additions to the Nexus line of products. Google also recently announced the next version of Android – Android Lollipop.

Here are some of the highlights so far…

Android Lollipop

Providing a seamless multi-platform experience is vital, since most of us have at least two devices that we use on a daily basis. Android’s latest release, Android L 5.0, aims to make the cross-device transition seamless. Like KitKat, it’s optimized to run on both high and low-end Android devices; it runs on only 512 MB of memory.

For the security-savvy users, Lollipop comes with easy-to-use encryption settings. With Lollipop, you can switch between user profiles, which should keep prying eyes from seeing your sensitive messages. You can also unlock the device in innovative ways, including using your wearable or your facial expressions. This version of Android allows you to start watching a movie on one device and pick up where you left off on another one – as long as it’s a Nexus device.

New iPad! and more Apple-y things

The new iPads are almost here. Improvements include iOs 8.1, TouchID fingerprint sensors (also a recent addition to the iPhone), and burst photography capabilities on the iPad Air 2. We can also expect the Apple team to announce improvements to the Mac computer line, as well as more information about Apple Pay and OS  X Yosemite. At the time of this post, the Apple event is in full swing. So, there’s definitely more to come.

Nexus – lots of Nexus

The Nexus 6 phablet has arrived, along with the Nexus 9 – the tablet version. We did a piece on the Nexus 6 before it was formally announced, and it appears to match up with most of the predictions. It’s a capable phablet, and it’s a strong competitor to the iPhone 6 Plus. For a few hundred dollars less than its Apple competitor, it provides a big-screen experience at a pretty competitive price. Overall, the new additions to the Nexus line are what you’d expect – strong specs, a streamlined version of Android (Lollipop), and price tags that will leave more money in your wallet than a comparable visit to the Apple store.