5 Must-Have Apps for Parents of Teen Drivers

5 Must-Have Apps for Parents of Teen Drivers

5 Must-Have Apps for Parents of Teen Drivers

Handing over the keys to your newly licensed teenager is both exciting and frightening. Exciting in that your teen can finally get to and from soccer practice without you, and frightening because of all the uncontrollable factors out there (reckless drivers, speed demons, you name it). Will she speed? Does he fully understand the etiquette of defensive driving? What if she uses her phone while driving? Instead of worrying yourself sick with all the disastrous hypotheticals, help ensure your child’s safety and compliance on the road with these top apps for safe driving.

Safe Driver

Maintain your sanity while your teen is on the road with Safe Driver, an app exclusively for iPhone users. The app is designed specifically to monitor a driver’s location and traveling speed. If a set speed is exceeded, an alert will be sent to the designated contact (parents), notifying them of the behavior. While this app is great for those who tend to have a lead foot, keep in mind that this app is only effective when it is running. Translation: Your teen must open the app and keep it open the entire time she is in the car. Consider establishing some ground rules and rewards for good driving behavior as incentive.


The SnapSecure smartphone app has two functions parents will like. The first: The Driver Safety function instantly sends texts or email notifications when a driver is texting, calling or browsing the Internet behind the wheel. The second app, the Family Device Locate, offers minute-by-minute geographical monitoring to help parents locate and track their teen’s location. This option is especially attractive for new drivers with longer commutes to school or work.


Eliminate the dangers of texting while driving with DriveSafe.ly, a revolutionary smartphone app that is compatible with all cellular devices. DriveSafe.ly reads your text messages to you out loud in real time and enables drivers to respond without touching their phones. The app, which is easy to install and functions through a vehicle’s Bluetooth device, allows for text-response customization and safe connectivity behind the wheel.


Put a stop to all texting and driving with this clever, user-friendly app. Textecution locks drivers’ phones while their vehicle is running, preventing them from accessing their SMS applications. Parents monitor the app through the Textecution website, and you’ll be sent an alert should the driver request permission to access messaging (in the event of an accident or if the driver is pulled over and parked). It also notifies parents if the driver removes the application from his or her phone. The app is supported by all of the major mobile network providers.

Sprint Drive First

Sprint Drive First is a free app that prevents distracted driving by sending calls to voice mail and by silencing texts or emails when a vehicle exceeds a speed of 10 mph. While text and voice functionality are blocked during driving, the app does allow access to GPS navigation and music software like Pandora or Spotify. The app can be fully managed online by a parent without access to their teen’s phone.