FuelBox powerStation: The Ultimate Phone Charger


Everyone who owns a smartphone is familiar with the sinking feeling you get when there is no power source nearby and your battery is running out. You could get a spare battery (if the manufacturer is generous enough to provide a removable battery slot), a power bank or just pray that it last the whole day. A new entry to the fray is the FuelBox powerStation. Billed as the last phone power charger you will ever need, it is undergoing funding at Indiegogo right now.

The FuelStation powerStation has two parts; a charging station (dock) and a backup battery (boosterPack). The dock simply plugs into any electrical wall outlet and has a 2.1 Amp USB port, 3 micro USB slots, Lightning and 30-pin charging cables for Apple devices. A rubber rest place can keep your device in place while it charges and the device includes AC outlets with surge protection so that you can plus in other devices.


The other half of the FuelBox powerStation, the boosterPack is just like a usual power bank with 5200mAh capacity. It has three different charging cables for all your Android, Windows Phone and Apple devices. When it’s depleted, you can plug it to the dock through a magnetic connector.


Aside from the utility of the device, the powerStation looks amazing as well. Not a bad deal at all considering that you can grab one for $79 from their funding page. Right now the project sits at $12k funded with a target of a rather ambitious $50k. The project utlilizes Indiegogo’s ‘Flexible Funding’ option so that means it will get whatever money raised until the time runs out. So if you want one, you can go grab one from the project page here.