Mobile Apps To Organize Your Home and Life

Mobile Apps To Organize Your Home and Life

Mobile Apps To Organize Your Home and Life

With more than 1 million apps in the iTunes store, there are plenty of useful apps for every homeowner. Whether you are a DIY kind of person, see yourself as an interior designer, or just like to keep on top of home finances, there is an app for you. These are just a sample of the apps you can expect to find to make your home ownership experience even more satisfying.


Keeping your home in good shape not only makes it a pleasant place in which to live, but also retains the value of the house when it’s time to sell. The HomeSavvy app will help you organize a maintenance plan to remind you of when to take care of those important items around the house.

This app is free and available for your iPhone or iPad with iOS 4.0 or later. Set alerts to remind you to clean out those gutters or schedule a pest inspection. Know when it’s time to replant the flower boxes and when to trim back the trees. Make a note of when warranties and maintenance contracts are due to expire on major appliances so you can take advantage of free inspections.

Get reminders about preparing your home for the change in season. Receive recommendations on preventative maintenance to keep your home looking good and working efficiently. Read DIY tips to performing much of the work yourself.


This free app from Behr helps you choose the best colors for any home project. Take a photo of any room with your mobile device and get a color match from the Behr line of paint. Browse all of the color collections until you find just the right one for your project. Get a list of complementing or contrasting colors.

If you’re following Joss and Main on Twitter for ideas on furniture, room accents and design, you can use the Behr app to make sure the colors match. Try different color combinations and store them for future reference. When you’re ready to do the work, the app will estimate the paint you need so you can take the information to a Behr dealer.

Handy Carpenter

Cut down on the number of items you have in your tool box with this app from iHandy that turns your mobile device into five different tools:

  • A plumb bob for checking vertical lines on walls
  • A surface level to make sure any flat surface is level to the ground
  • A bubble level to adjust the angle of a surface
  • A protractor to measure angles
  • A ruler capable of measuring items much longer than your mobile device

Your household projects will be precise and look great when everything is measured and leveled correctly with this app.


Create a budget, track your project expenses and watch all of your financial accounts with this app from Intuit. This app works on all of your Apple mobile devices with iOS 7.0 or later.

View all of your financial accounts, including checking, credit cards and investment accounts. Track how the money is being spent and in which categories. Set alerts to remind you when bills or other transactions are due. Watch your cash flow and your spend rate on any home remodeling project. You’ll have visibility to all of the money moving through your home and projects.