Crescendo Launcher: Making Android Even More Accessible


One area where iOS still hold dominance over Android is the sheer simplicity of the operating system. You could give your grandma an iPhone and she’d probably be able to figure it out (as much as can be expected from your grandma) with a few instructions. That can’t really be said about Android, even though it has improved massively with the introduction of Google Now and other design and feature choices. A project to reduce your Android smartphone to its bare essentials for the minimalist and the old of age looks to change that. Crescendo Launcher is the app in question and we’ll be putting it through its paces to see if it manages to achieve that.

When you fire the app up, the first impressions for the Crescendo Launcher are that it’s very simple. You would be hard pressed to find something that needs an explanation. Take a look below:


Everything is self explanatory and the really neat thing about the Crescendo Launcher is that it handles the fussy stuff for you. An app needs internet but you haven’t turned it on? The bundled NetManage feature handles that. The default applications might be a tad too complex? It comes with simplified apps whose sole focus is to strip away features that won’t be needed and focus on what you want to do. So you can say goodbye to accidental clicks and getting lost in an Android wasteland.

In the settings department, you have one click access to everything that gets used in day to day usage like Wi-Fi, Ringer settings and mobile data. Overall Crescendo Launcher is really user friendly. Once you start using it, you get the feeling that careful thought has gone behind every design and feature choice and it isn’t simply lumped together to target a niche demographic.


Predictably, the customization options offered by Crescendo are sparse since it focuses on simplicity. You get app drawers that can be edited with apps of your choice but for unlimited apps or custom wallpapers, you’ll have to get the premium version which is offered as an in-app purchase. Keep in mind that app is in active development so it might be a bit wonky on some handsets but that shouldn’t be a problem as the dev is very active in addressing any issues.

After playing around with it a bit, we really think Crescendo Launcher has a lot of potential. Of course it won’t be as notorious as Nova Launcher or Apex¬†Launcher but that’s not it’s focus anyway. This is a specialized launcher for children or senior citizens. So if you get your grandparents an Android phone, be sure to load up Crescendo Launcher before you hand it over.

  • kevin spruill

    Paid for the premium app and it won’t load up. Crashes every time I open it. Won’t load past the preparing message. Just closes and opens back to the welcome screen.