Opera Mini 8 – The Browser For The Masses Just Got Better

Opera Mini 8 - The Browser For The Masses Just Got Better

Opera Mini 8 – The Browser For The Masses Just Got Better

Contrary to what most of us think, a majority of the world’s mobile phone users still use feature phones. Although that demographic is mostly neglected by the dev community, there’s still some room for improvement in their software. That is why Opera just released a major update to their massively popular Opera Mini browser. In its eighth iteration, the browser brings many modern features to this cross-platform ‘mini’ browser.

Opera Mini 8 - Night mode

Opera Mini 8 – Night mode

The first thing users are likely to notice about the new Opera Mini is the revised look of the browser. It has been given a design overhaul, with modern design touches like a flat UI and better optimization for low-resolution screens. We’re all familiar with ‘incognito’ modes in our modern browsers that don’t save any browsing information once enabled and now the Mini’s bringing the same feature to those old feature phones. There’s also a new night mode that dims the screen automatically and also adjusts the color of any images on the screen to make viewing the phone screen in dark environments.

The Opera Mini has always been famous for being a very frugal browser. That’s because Opera pre-compressed the data that’s been relayed to your phone, which can sometimes amount to 90% in data savings alone. That means lower data bills and a faster browsing experience. There’s also a revised dashboard that gives you even more detail about the amount of data you’re spending, and how much data you have left in case you set a monthly data limit.

Opera Mini 8 - Data Usage Panel

Opera Mini 8 – Data Usage Panel

The Opera Mini 8 is a very good browsing once you consider the kind of hardware that it will be running on. It provides a very good option for those living in developing markets limited to feature phones. The fact that it’s available for old BlackBerry devices is just the icing on the cake. If you have a feature phone that you’ve been using as a backup or even as your main phone, head on to http://www.opera.com/mobile/mini to download Opera Mini 8 for your phone.