Everything: A Local Search Engine That’s With The Times



The default search engine that comes with your Windows machine is a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. Sometimes it’ll find files miraculously fast, but other times it’ll fail to find files even when you’re searching within a specific folder. It’s hard to imagine how a company as big as Microsoft manages to screw up such a simple feature even in 2014. It seems especially stupid, once you take into account a small tool called Everything – the last search engine you’ll ever need.

Everything - Connecting to a host

Everything – Connecting to a host

The real beauty of Everything is its utter simplicity. The developer seems to have spent all his time making the tool as efficient and nimble as possible. That’s because the interface is a no-frills affair, with styling from the 90’s. But that doesn’t matter, because this thing has so much substance that the style just doesn’t matter. You can almost tell it’s going to be a great tool when you download the installation file. It’s just 1.2 megabytes ‘big’.

In an era where games are approaching the 100GB mark, this is an incredible feat. We fired up the tool and it was able to index our entire SSD in a matter of seconds. The first search took some 10 seconds, but after that whatever we searched for, turned up instantly. Even when you’re typing the search words, the results are being constantly updated in the results box. It really is blazing fast.

Everything - Setting up your machine for file-sharing

Everything – Setting up your machine for file-sharing

Another interesting feature of Everything is that it’s a great file sharing tool. Just basic, FTP-based file sharing, nothing fancy. To set up file sharing on your computer, simply go into the settings menu and put in the username and password for your Everything’s FTP connection. Similarly, to connect to another computer simply select the “Connect to ETP” option and enter the host computer’s credentials. It really is a beautifully simple tool to use.