Yotaphone: A Next Gen Smartphone With A Dual Display

The All New Yotaphone

Yotaphone just debuted their second-generation phone at the Mobile World Congress 2014. It’s a sleek device, complete with two screens: a 5 inch AMOLED front screen paired with a 4.7 EPD screen on the back. A follow up to the original Yotaphone which debuted in 2013, the new version features improvements across the board.

Two screens may sound like overkill, but having an EPD (Electronic Paper Display) screen has some great perks. Since the EPD screen allows you to read books without draining the battery, you can leave your Kindle at home. If you’re running low on juice, you can turn off the AMOLED screen and use the EPD screen to conduct your business. The great thing about the EPD display is that when it is inactive, it can display any image you want, making the back of your phone look like a customized casing. This second-generation device has 60 unique user experiences, from customizable dashboards that stream real-time data to a flashcard like feature that allows you to use both screens in tandem. It also improves upon its predecessor by offering full touch control which greatly expands the what a user can do with the EPD screen. Other specs of the Yotaphone include a 2.2 GHz Quadcore processor paired with 2GB of RAM, Android’s Kitkat OS, and a 2515 mAH battery. It’s hard to say how the device feels, since the second-generation devices were being used exclusively by the demo team. Visitors could touch and photograph the original version, but getting a picture of the second generation device was next to impossible. Physically, the original version sported square corners, whereas the new model has rounded edges, and looks somewhat like a Samsung Galaxy S4 in shape. As far as the OS goes, it’s hard to steer wrong with Android’s KitKat release. It will be interesting to see whether Yotaphone’s unique user experiences lives up to the hype. If it does, the device could be an excellent tool for tracking your health, keeping up with sports scores, and staying on top of just about anything that generates a real-time data stream and that too with minimum battery drain. In the words of a Yotaphone representative, the new version is “bigger, better, and faster”. And based on what we have seen, we believe him. The device should be available for purchase in early 2015 to customers in Russia and other European countries. For now, US customers will have to wait.