Muzei Live Wallpaper – Spice Up Your Android Homescreen With Fresh Wallpapers Everyday

Muzei Live Wallpaper - Spice Up Your Android Homescreen With Fresh Wallpapers Everyday

Muzei Live Wallpaper – Spice Up Your Android Homescreen With Fresh Wallpapers Everyday

The Muzei Live Wallpaper is a unique app  that will spice up the look of your Android smartphone’s homescreen. Since it’s been made by the developer of Dashclock, we expected it to be very good and it didn’t disappoint. It’s not one of those wallpaper apps that allow you to browse tons of wallpapers you’ll browse once and then forget about. The app is unique in the way that it makes almost every picture pretty. That’s a weird thing to say, but let us explain.

Muzei Settings Screen

Muzei Settings Screen

The Muzei Live Wallpaper made us realize what was wrong with all the wallpapers we had on our smartphones. The pictures themselves were brilliant, but for the life of us we couldn’t figure out why we just didn’t like them when set as wallpapers. After installing the Muzei Live Wallpaper app and trying it out, we now know why. The wallpapers are simply too visually intrusive with the rest of the elements of the Android homescreen. For instance the icons would fade away with the wallpaper, or the digital clock would get mixed up in the colors. So what were brilliant pictures simply didn’t work because of the nature of the Android homescreen.

What the Muzei Live Wallpaper app will do is it select a new picture of a famous painting everyday. That takes away and the monotony and you are never bored with your wallpaper. The interesting bit is that the app will also apply a blur technique called Gaussian Blur and blur the image as well as dim the brightness of the wallpaper (both settings can be customized). This makes the Android homescreen elements such as the icons and the clock pop out, making the homescreen look clean and visually appealing. We’re not sure why, but it does.

Muzei Live Wallpaper App Screenshots

Muzei Live Wallpaper App Screenshots

The Muzei Live Wallpaper app also supports third-party extensions that allow it to pick images from external sources which is where it really starts to shine. The whole app is open source and the API is extremely well written so any person can make an extension for it. Some noteworthy ones are listed below:

Muzei Music Extension

The Muzei Music Extension allows the app to fetch the artwork of the music that’s currently being played on your device and set it as the homescreen wallpaper. The artwork comes from, so it’s almost always accurate to the content that is being played. There’s also an option to turn the extension of when your phone is not using WiFi for data.

Muzei Hash

Muzei Hash brings the power of the hashtag to your smartphone homescreen. Shouldn’t rocket science to figure how it works. You input some hashtags of your interests and the extension will automatically fetch any related images. The images aren’t always spot on and the quality might not be consistent, but for variety, this is a very good extension.

Muzei Reddit

The Muzei Reddit extension will allow you to specify a sub-Reddit and will then pull the top images from that forum. The app also allows you to flick through images until you find one that you like.

APOD Muzei

The Astronomy Picture of the Day is a feed run by NASA that features space-themed images each day. The APOD Muzei extension will pull those images and set them as your homescreen wallpaper. The change interval is of course 24 hours, and you can’t flick through images.

500pix for Muzei

500pix is a popular website if you’re searching for high quality wallpapers. As such it serves as the perfect source of images for Muzei. Unfortunately the extension won’t allow you to narrow down the image preference, so you’ll have to make do with popular images instead. You can however, flick through images until you find one that you like.