LG To Unveil Trio Of New LG L Series Smartphones at MWC

New LG L Series smartphone

New LG L Series smartphone

The Mobile World Conference event is surely going to bring us many exciting debuts of anticipated devices, mostly flagship superphones. But not all of us want a superphone. Some of us are just waiting for affordable handsets that offer great bang for buck. Fortunately, smartphone manufacturer LG is going to unveil a trio of new LG L series smartphones, all part of the revised L series smartphone lineup.

The LG L series smartphone lineup has been traditionally associated with budget smartphones that didn’t quite hit the mark. Or were just too expensive for their own good. The L series, now in its third iteration, will feature 3 brand new smartphones that will feature bang up to date software and some promising hardware.

LG L90: Top Dog

The top of the line L Series 3 smartphone is being called the LG L90, which features a sizable 4.7 inch display, 1 gigabyte of RAM, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and a massive 2540mAh battery. The only cringe-worthy aspect of the device is the dismal screen resolution, at just 960×540 pixels it just won’t be sharp enough. Hopefully the price of the device will more than make up for this deficiency. 

LG L70: Middle of the Pack

The second smartphone in the lineup is the LG L70. The L70 will sport a 4.5 inch display, with the same hardware specs as the L90 save for a lower megapixel count at just 5 megapixels, and a smaller 2100mAh battery. The screen resolution is again a weak point here, with the 4.5 inch display getting only 800×480 pixels. That is really disappointing since smartphones had better resolutions 3 years ago.

LG L40: The Budget Pick

The smallest and the third smartphone in the new L series lineup is the LG L40. This is the smallest of the three, with a screen that measures just 3.5 inches. Furthermore the RAM has been reduced to just 512 megabytes, the megapixel count to 3, and the battery to a still respectable 1700mAh. The screen resolution isn’t so mediocre as on the other devices – 480×320 pixels on a 3.5 inch display won’t be as bad as 800×480 on a 4.5 inch unit.

Still, the redeeming point of all these smartphones is that they will come with Android KitKat. Yup, these are the only big-name budget smartphones we can think of that will run on Google’s latest update to Android. Interesting, they will also support QuickWindow cases, which allow users to check the date and time without opening the whole case. We can’t wait to hear more details on these smartphones when they’re unveiled at MWC later this month. Stay tuned!