BYOD Makes Sense When Secured

BYOD Makes Sense When Secured

BYOD Makes Sense When Secured

The concept of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ aka BYOD is now a widespread reality for business owners across Canada and the US. A recent study conducted by IT World Canada states that more than three-fourths of Canadian businesses support BYOD polices. This may be due to companies recognizing higher productivity levels when allowing workers to use their personal smartphones and tablets in and out of the workplace.

What It All Means For You

As a business owner, you can count on higher productivity and reduced time wasted on workers prepping for the work day within the office. Since people are able to use devices that they are already familiar with, it will also save you money and time from having to assign new numbers and buy new equipment for employees.

Whether employees work remotely, at the office or both, a BYOD policy enables a smooth transition between any environment. The ability for employees to access their work from anywhere creates a more productive and efficient business process overall.

BYOD devices save money on equipment upgrades and software. If employees are allowed to use their own devices, they are more likely to use updated versions. Most new technology accounts for business use with software and mobile management solutions. Companies like Blackberry have embraced BYOD by introducing balanced technology which allows users to easily flip from personal use to a more secure encrypted platform when working.

What About Security?

Despite the security issues BYOD can bring, many mid-size and large companies with big IT departments have adopted BYOD and its policies. They accept the risks they are confronted with, and work to prevent and address them. But what happens if you’re a small business without the manpower? A recent report found in, states that some companies are having security issues especially on public networks with encrypting data. Overall, whether your company is small, mid-size or large, you’ll need to look at the numbers and risks to see if BYOD is the right choice for your business.

Is it Right for You?

Before committing to BYOD, decide if it makes sense for your company and employees. The ultimate goal of a new policy implementation is to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Assess your employee’s abilities and needs. There are some risks and benefits you should weigh and compare to determine if your business is ready for a BYOD shift.

  • Do employees have access to reliable and secure devices?
  • Will it benefit everyone? If there are only a few employees who will benefit from a BYOD implementation, it may not be the right time to switch.
  • Can your employees maintain their devices? If your employees can maintain basic IT self-sufficiency, they can implement their personal laptops, tablets and smartphones with minimal down time.
  • Are the security risks worth it? Do you have the resources to monitor consumerized mobility among employees? A security and data protection plan is just as important to consider as productivity.
  • Can you support it? Do you have a platform that is widely used on all (or most) devices?

BYOD is about a more successful and happy workplace. All employees should be involved in the process and all opinions should be considered. By keeping employees happy, your company will ultimately benefit.