5 Mobile Apps to Track Receipts

Photo by Flickr user ben_osteen

Photo by Flickr user ben_osteen

Accounting is seen as a necessary evil by many businesses. Figuring out exactly what goes on the expense reports and can be deducted helps to soften the blow, however, although it’s not so easy when you have a briefcase full of receipts and no idea if you’re missing any. Instead of managing a plethora of paper receipts, look into more high-tech options to prevent you from pulling out your hair when you’re trying to figure out expense reports. Here are our 5 best apps to track receipts.


QuickBooks is a commonly known name for business bookkeeping, but what you might not know is that it has a companion app that syncs with all of your devices running QuickBooks software. This app allows you to scan receipts into the app, which syncs up to your desktop. According to business solutions company Intuit.com, you’ll have the receipts on your computer long before you get back to the office, allowing you to toss out the physical receipt copies. QuickBooks also syncs with some credit cards and other expense apps directly, giving you an even better ability to track your receipts.


Instead of throwing your receipts in a shoebox, ShoeBoxed acts as a virtual app repository for your receipts. You snap a picture with your phone to store the receipt, and it creates an entry in the app. The data is verified, and you can generate expense reports directly from the app. It also tracks mileage, in case you needed to take out deductions for your automobile usage. Additionally, this app integrates with Quickbooks and other accounting software tools, making it easy to export the expense reports no matter which bookkeeping software you use.


Expensify does its part to take the pain out of creating expense reports, whether you need to track your business trip costs or you’re grabbing lunch for the office. The simple home page user interface allows you to quickly scan your receipts with the SmartScan feature. From there, you categorize your expense. Once you select the category, Expensify creates the rest of the report so you have a full itemized expense sheet available. It also allows you to do time and distance tracking and create trips.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager is a receipt scanner with plenty of extra features to give you financial planning and tracking right from your smartphone. The receipt scanning is a simple process that gets carried over into the money management portion of the app. A feature that sets this app apart from others in its category is the fact that you can back up your expense reports to either the SD card on the phone or Dropbox. Especially with the Dropbox option, it helps to cut down the possibility of data loss.


Much more than simply an app to track receipts, Cashbook is geared for both business and personal users, so this multi-featured app works well for both sides of your life. It allows you to track your expenses and receipts, along with giving you a GPS-enabled mileage tracker. What are your favourite apps to track receipts? Let us know in the comments below!