Use These Apps For Driving To Enforce Teen Driving Safety

Apps For Driving

Use These Apps For Driving To Enforce Teen Driving Safety

When buying your teen a car, safety is key. This 2009 VW Beetle is from Chapman dealership in Tuscon.


The CDC reports nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured in the U.S. every day because of a distracted driver. The more friends your children have, the more potential distractions. Make your children take the pledge never to text and drive, and consider installing an app to remind them to turn off distractions when they are driving. Use these apps for driving with caution with your teens. You are using technology to monitor and curb bad behavior, not to control everything your children do.

First up in our apps for driving is The free version of this app, powered by iSpeech, reads text messages, short message service text and emails aloud. The pro version allows users to respond by voice. Available on BlackBerry and Android. Cost: Free for basic mode, $3.99 a month for an individual user or $9.99 per month for a family.


AT&T’s apps for driving safety come with an automatic on/off that disables certain phone features when you are driving. Users select which features to disable (text, multimedia messaging service, emails, and phone calls), and they can set up auto-reply. It also has an “allow” list in case of emergency, which is perfect for parents who want to make exceptions for their children (and vice-versa). Available on BlackBerry and Android. Cost: Free.


This app uses Bluetooth technology that requires installation of hardware in the vehicle. When a teen (or any user connected to the device) enters the car, the phone disables certain features. The driver will not be able to use text, email or Internet functions while they are inside the car, but it does not block phone calls. Available on BlackBerry and Android only. Parents can set up their children’s devices to send alerts if the app is tampered with or disabled. It works only with the vehicles with which it is paired. Cost is $179 for the device, and $49 for an optional cable. Five smartphones are permitted per device.


Next up in our apps for driving list, you can install the Canary app on your teen driver’s phone and get alerts when they make or receive phone calls, texts or social updates while driving. It will also send alerts if maximum speeds are exceeded. Available on iPhone, but it doesn’t detect text messages because of Apple restrictions; also available on Android. Cost is $14.99 after a 7-day free trial; no monthly fees.


Much more than simply a driving app, MSpy allows you to listen to your kids phone calls, read their emails, block websites and apps, and more. Available on Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Symbian. Does not currently work on Windows. Fees are based on monthly subscriptions and start at $39.99 for a basic service. Premium and Business plans are available, which offer more abilities, such as call recording, social media surveillance, and remote locking. Available only through

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