ZTE Open Review – A Basic Smartphone You’re Better Off Without

ZTE Open

ZTE Open

The ZTE Open is a Firefox OS-powered device that promises to bring the goodness of smart apps to the masses with its open platform (HTML5) and low price of just 80 dollars off-contract. It’s a cute little thing with its rounded lines and colorful casings, but is it any good as a smartphone? Let’s find out in the ZTE Open review.

Design and Build

ZTE Open

ZTE Open

The ZTE Open was built to be budget-friendly. And as such, you won’t find any fancy materials in use here. But the designers have done a good job of whatever little materials they had access to. The Open is a charmingly cute little smartphone and you’ll find it easy to be won over by the way this thing looks. The materials are all soft-touch as well so it doesn’t feel cheaply made. A range of colors to suit your ‘personality’ as well!



The ZTE Open is a equipped with a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 480×320 pixels. The details aren’t sharp by any measure but they’re adequate when viewing large fonts. We could’ve related this display to an iPhone 2G/3G/3GS’s, but it’s too terrible. The colors are flat and the viewing angles virtually non-existent. To make matters worse, the capacitive touch screen isn’t very responsive at all. There are a lot of unregistered taps and the whole experience borderlines on unusable if you’ve used any modern smartphone.


The ZTE Open comes with an out-dated 1GHz processor, 256MB of RAM and not much else to talk of. The Firefox OS is frugal in its needs and the low-res display is a bit forgiving on the anemic hardware, but really, you won’t be enjoying yourself any speedy web-browsing or even simple UI-navigation. This thing needs beefier guts for anything positive about FF OS to show through.


ZTE Open - Camera

ZTE Open – Camera

If ever there was a case of horrible cameras on smartphones, the ZTE Open fits the bill perfectly. Its rear is home to a horrendous 2 megapixel camera unit that takes atrocious pictures. It shoots video at 352 x 188 pixels @ 20FPS, so no, there is no upside to this dreadful camera unit.


The ZTE Open has a 1200mAh battery tucked into its body, and thanks to its antique hardware, the battery life is strong. On normal use you can go about two or three days without this thing needing a recharge. But then, you won’t have much to do on this smartphone for it to consume any battery.


ZTE Open

ZTE Open

The ZTE Open is an extremely basic ‘smartphone’ that’s designed to address a previously unheard of niche – absolutely no one. Developers might find it useful as a test bed but really, this thing is hardly a standard in the smartphone industry. For normal folk like you and I, it’s better to just pony up some cash and get a proper smartphone from the wide variety available at the GSM Nation Store. Avoid this thing unless Mozilla starts selling these for free. Even then, given its current state, you won’t find much use for it.