Bad-Ass Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

Bad-Ass Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

Bad-Ass Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

The Best Business Apps For Entrepreneurs:

You’re an entrepreneur, or an aspiring entrepreneur. You have to do the jobs of at least seven people and you still struggle to find the time to sleep, much less enjoy a hobby. Luckily, the digital age is bursting with apps to help you navigate the pitfalls of the business world. Take the advice of experts and cash in of these time saving apps for busy business-men and entrepreneurs. Here are the best 3 apps for entrepreneurs!

1) Sleep Cycle ($0.99)

First things first, if you’re going to conquer the business world, then you need to get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleep is the cornerstone of your sanity, so you owe it to yourself to make it a priority. According to it’s website, The Sleep Cycle app uses a motion sensor to analyze your sleep patterns and wakes you up within a half hour range– while you’re in your lightest sleep cycle.

2) DLA Piper’s Cab Cribs (Free)

Even if you’re a not lawyer, you’re going to need some legal knowledge in the business world. Cab Cribs is the mind baby of the prolific law firm DLA Piper, lead by COO Bob Bratt. As explains, Bratt’s team wanted to come up with a legal app that was easy enough to help the user brush up on legal terminology in “the time it takes to get to a meeting in a cab.”

3) Feedly (Free)

For those of you who lament the loss of Google Reader, Feedly comes to the rescue. Feedly takes your favorite blogs, websites, podcasts, YouTube videos and everything else you can imagine and aggregates them through one handy-dandy app. With Feedly, you can cut down on your searches for relevant topics exponentially.

Which are your go-to business apps for entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments below!