The 5 Best Apps For A Driving Adventure

The 5 Best Apps for A Driving Adventure

The 5 Best Apps for A Driving Adventure

5 Best Apps For A Driving Adventure:

We’d like you to remind you to keep both hands on the wheel while driving, not one hand on the wheel and a thumb on the phone, since some states now have ‘no phone’ bans, and others have lumped phone use under “distracted driving.”

With that required safety tip out of the way, let’s talk about the best apps to accompany you on the road, whether it’s a quick jaunt into town to run some errands or a cross-country exploration and expedition. Because who knows where life may take you? If you have your phone handy and use it safely, you’re good to go, especially with these five recommended apps. So here are our 5 best apps for a driving adventure.


Users around the country can share information about speed traps, cameras, and road hazards with this free app from Reach Unlimited. This information can include real-time data like a blocking accident or longer-term info like a slow-down taking place all summer due to interstate construction.

The network claims more than 20 million users who have collectively shared tips about 6.8 million speed traps. Longtime users and posters receive “karma” points for sharing other users deem valuable. If you’re going out, this is one of the best apps for a driving adventure that could help you have a safer journey. Available on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.


This free guide to gas stations and gas prices worldwide is useful if you prefer to avoid paying top dollar when prices are already high. You’re not going to get prices like you saw 10 years ago but you’ll still find enough variations to save you some money. Users can find what pumps are near them and the price range, and are encouraged to upload any updates. Participating earns points which can be redeemed for weekly prizes. Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

State Farm Pocket Agent

If you have auto insurance from, the company wants you to be ready for anything with this free tool that helps you do everything from creating a claim to making a payment. This guide finds nearby services like tow trucks, agent or recommended repair facilities. If you’re in a collision, you can take photos and upload them, or easily document witness information or details about the other driver. Available on iOS.

Wi-Fi Finder

Perhaps your phone or tablet requires a Wi-Fi signal to access the Internet, or your phone service hits a dead zone. Instead of visiting libraries or cyber-cafes, or driving randomly until you find a feed, this free app from JiWire will help you find viable free and paid signals nearby. It works online or offline, and regularly refreshes. Registered members can share updates about new or dead signals. After all we do need internet access even if we are out so this is one of the best apps for a driving adventure. Available on Android, iOS.


Whether you’re a “journey” or a “destination” kind of driver, you’ll still want to know what to do when you get there, or at least where you can stop for the night. This free app tells you interesting activities in your particular geographic region, from restaurants to nightclubs. Visitors can check what’s happening on a particular day, such as a sporting event or community festival, or just get details about general activities in town, such as museums, galleries or family activities. Available on iOS, Android.