Quad Drawer: A Feature Packed App Drawer for Android


In this modern world of technology, we’ve become so dependent on our smartphones that we’ve installed apps to do everything for us. Apps to entertain us. Apps to help us through cooking. Apps to show us the way. Apps and apps and apps. In the end, we have our phones clogged with so many apps that to find one becomes a frustration in itself. Realizing this problem, guys at LevelUp Studio – known for their Beautiful Widgets application – have come up with a plausible solution: Quad Drawer. Here, we have a look at what this nifty app drawer has to offer.


App search and after-search options

The first thing to notice in Quad Drawer is the use of the classical T9 keyboard for app search, which has helped us all through our feature phone days. Though you can still revert to the standard pad, the T9 board looks good for a change. The Quad Drawer home screen features a search bar at the top and as soon as you start typing, the app starts filtering and displaying the relevant apps for you; and, the most used apps show at the top. You’d like to see it in the dictionary-like alphabetical order? You have that choice too. In fact, there are tabs for recent, most used, install date and alphabetical and you can choose any organization you are most comfortable with.


T9 keyboard left and the ‘floating window’ right

Quad Drawer has also given an option of a ‘floating window’: it’s a pop-up version of the drawer which can be accessed through a small icon even while you are running other apps. This is a real deal for multi-tasking as now you don’t have to go back to the home screen to get another app running. The pop-up doesn’t feature the complete tabs and all, but it does the job of search-and-launch just fine.

Quad drawer isn’t just all work and no play; it has a really neat presentation and comes with two different themes – a light theme and a dark one – so you can always have the app dressed according to your smartphone’s mood. Where some users have reported that the app sometimes takes a little longer to launch, Quad drawer has generally received a very warm welcome. Is it free? No. Considering however, the time it might save you when finding and launching an app from all that mess in your device, we believe that this $0.99 buy is worth a try.


Quad Drawer in its darker theme

Used the Quad Drawer app and have got something to say about it? Or just want to discuss the pros and cons a bit more? In any case, head straight for the comments section below!