T3 Gadget Awards 2013 Overview – Smartphones and Tablets

T3 Gadget Awards

T3 Gadget Awards

The T3 Gadget Awards are the UK’s biggest celebration of technology and gadgets. It’s a fierce battle every year for the technology giants to see who’s done the best job of creating gadgets or innovations in technology. T3 Gadget Awards is not just about sales or performance numbers, this is a measure about how the device has been perceived by the general public. Let’s take a look at the T3 Gadget Awards 2013 contenders for the smartphone and tablet of the year awards.

Smartphone Of The Year – Nominations

xl_HTC-One-624 HTC One – No surprises here. This powerhouse of a device combined killer looks and blazing internals for a flawless user experience.   xl_Apple_iPhone_5_two_624 Apple iPhone 5 – It’s an Apple iPhone, so of course it’s going to be here. Thanks to its easy-as-abc user interface and premium build quality, the iPhone 5 is one of the most desirable devices on the market.   xl_Sony-Xperia-Z-624-1 Sony Xperia Z – The Sony Xperia Z is one tough superphone. It’s waterproof, it’s got a beautiful body and it has a very fluid Android interface.   xl_Samsung-Galaxy-S4-624-3-1 Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the epitome of how good a smartphone can perform. It’s not a looker but its blazing fast hardware more than makes up for it.   xl_Nokia_Lumia_920_1-1 Nokia Lumia 920 – The Lumia 920 is the underdog of the bunch. It’s not particularly powerful. But, it’s got a great industrial design and one of the best cameras in the smartphone industry.   xl_BlackBerry_Z10_1 BlackBerry Z10 – We’re not sure how the Z10 made its into the nominations list, but we’ll mention some bright points of this device. It looks good in an understated way, exactly as an enterprise product should. And it introduced a bold new user interface concept, that received a mixed response.

Tablet of the Year – Nominations

xl_Apple_iPad_Mini_1 Apple iPad mini – Apple’s iPad got a slight size reduction, with the resulting device called the iPad mini. It’s a potent little tablet with the wealth of all those iOS apps behind it.   xl_Apple_iPad_4th_generation_o Apple iPad 4 – The Apple iPad 4 is a graphical powerhouse with probably the best portable device display on the market. It’s a high quality product with absolutely no compromise on the user experience.   xl_Amazon_Kindle_Fire_8_9_624 Amazon Kindle Fire HD – Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is all about media consumption. It’s not the best bang for your buck when it comes to price and performance, but Amazon’s healthy media ecosystem gives it some important bonus points.   xl_samsung-galaxy-note-8-624-1 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a reasonably priced device that comes with the excellent productivity potential of the S Pen. It’s also reasonably priced and can make calls thanks to its cellular radios.   xl_Microsoft_Surface_Pro_1 Microsoft Surface Pro – This tablet has an Intel Core i5 processor and runs the meaty Windows 8 operating system in all its glory. Despite these capabilities, it’s got a great design and a great keyboard.   xl_Xperia_Tablet_Z_Front40_Black_Water Sony Xperia Tablet Z – The Tablet Z is the thinnest 10.1 inch tablet on the market with a beautiful design that gives even the iPad 4 a run for its money. Like the Xperia Z smartphone, it’s waterproof as well. So you can use it in the bathtub without any worries. That alone justifies its nomination.

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