Top 5 Apps To Help You Breeze Through The Summers

Top 5 Apps To Help You Breeze Through The Summers

Top 5 Apps To Help You Breeze Through The Summers

Going out for a Long trip? – get Stow

‘Now that we’re done through planning, who’s doing the packing?’ – a question often put around before we can hit the road. Fortunately, your worries end here (most of them). Stow is an app developed to help you through packing stuff for trips. It features built-in templates for some common trips so you‘ll have most of the basic requirements already listed. Of course you can also customize your own lists, tailored to your specific journeys.

In addition to that, our first of top 5 apps for summer also shows some degree of ‘intelligence’: items on the list change with alterations in the length of the desired trip or the predicted weather. Rest assured now that you wouldn’t be forgetting that all-important blanket when you camp up in the mountains to beat the heat. Finally, if all that wasn’t enough, share the lists with your friends to save on the time and effort.



Afraid of getting lost? Ask Find My Friend! To keep track

Whether you are heading out to some crowded city bazaar or to a secluded cabin in the jungles, Find My Friends! is one of the top 5 apps  that would keep you and your friends together this summer even if they get out of sight once in a while. One of the most perfect apps for summer, it employs the latest GPS technology to locate your friends in real time and then points their location on a map. Have a not so tech savvy friend who doesn’t have a smartphone? Not to worry, because this app can even triangulate the position through cell towers via a text message. The obvious requirement is that all your friends should have the app installed.

Even if you don’t want to go out far, this app lets you and your fellows coordinate local gatherings so no ones left out waiting for others to show up. The downside? You would not be able to say ‘I’ll be there in a moment’ when you are still changing your pants at home.


Camping Festival… Anyone? – try Festival Ready

We’ve all come to trust the time-tested Swiss army knives; so why not give a try to an amazing app from the makers of these tools? Developed by Victorinox, Festival Ready lives up to the reputation of the Swiss Army name – an array of innovative features in a single bundle. Included are the necessities like 3D Navigation, Live Weather, tips on Camping and yes… a torch (just in case). All in all it’s a complete travel companion which is a must install and is one of the more vital apps for summer.

FR 1FR 2

Just the right mix – Pocket Cocktail

No summer is complete without drinks and cocktails. But maybe you would want to try some new ones this time. This is where Pocket Cocktail comes in: this drinking entry in our apps for summer has hundreds of the most popular drink recipes for you to try. Photos are included with each one to show the final look of the drink…. If, of course, you do it right. The search-by-ingredient feature could also come in real handy when you like something particular in all your experiments…even if it’s just a cherry on top.


Don’t forget water with WaterIn

In all that excitement, it is possible to forget something as essential as water. WaterIn would help you keep hydrated. You can decide the number of glasses you’d like drink per day or the quantity of water in liters or ounces, then set times for reminders so you wouldn’t miss a drop. Beware! This app contains cheeky remarks.


Which Are Your Favourite Apps For Summer?

Now that we’ve armed you with an arsenal on great summer apps, please do have a blast! Anything you want to add? Drop it in the comments below.

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