Jailbreak Specialist Pod2g Dismisses iOS 7 As ‘Kid Painting’

Jailbreak Specialist Pod2g Dismisses iOS 7 As 'Kid Painting'

Jailbreak Specialist Pod2g Dismisses iOS 7 As ‘Kid Painting’

It’s been a week since Apple’s iOS 7 was unveiled. In the meantime, we have seen varying reactions with many people unimpressed with Apple’s efforts. Another high profile name in the ‘don’t like’ corner is Pod2g, a member of the Evad3rs team, famously responsible for jailbreaking iOS 6. He has been developing for iOS for a number of years and he took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with Apple’s latest offering.

Here’s what Pod2g had to say about iOS 7:

pod2g (pod2g) on Twitter

While Pod2g admits the kinks he encountered might be because of a beta build, he like many others, was underwhelmed with the features shown off in iOS 7. The new operating system has introduced some pretty drastic changes though that does not mean any of them are new. At this point, it feels like Apple is simply catching up to the competition by borrowing features. While that is perfectly fine as long (until there are lawsuits involved), customers have come to expect a higher standard from Apple.

While iOS 7 is still faring better than its predecessor which was an unmitigated disaster due to failures like various security loopholes and Apple Maps, iOS 7 is still the most polarising release in the history of the OS. The cartoonish look isn’t everybody’s cup of tea (we think the icons look tacky and lack cohesion) and iOS 7 features have been blatantly copied from other competitors. That being said, it is still a significant step forward and by introducing a user interface overhaul and long overdue features, Apple has just made it harder for their consumers to exit their ecosystem; which frankly, is all they needed to do.

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