Best Music Streaming Apps for Your Smartphone

Forget about downloading music for your smartphone! The precious internal memory on our smartphones is best reserved for apps and movies because music can now be streamed easily. Here are some of the best music streaming apps for your smartphone!




Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BB10

Spotify is an exceptional music streaming app, think of it as a cloud-based version of Apple’s iTunes. The Spotify music library has around 15 million songs from all the major music lablels. Spotify comes in three flavors : Free, Unlimited and Premium. The Free version of Spotify lets you hear to free music provided you’re willing to put up with the annoying audio advertisements played in between songs. Spotify Unlimited costs $4.99/mo and gives you uninterrupted music streaming, it will also sync your PC’s music library with your smartphone. The $9.99 version, Spotify Unlimited, lets your hear music that hasn’t been released yet, and allows you to store tracks so they can be heard offline. That’s especially useful for when you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Download links: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | BB10

Pandora Internet Radio


Pandora Internet Radio

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BB10 (as Apollo)

Pandora Radio is a simple internet radio app that is available for all the major mobile platforms. Pandora’s lack of playlists is a blow but it makes up for it with good quality streaming. The Windows Phone version of Pandora is totally free and unlimited – on other mobile platforms it features a 40-hour listening limit along with audio ads. On BlackBerry 10 it is available through the Apollo client. The Apollo app is well-rated (4.5/5) on BlackBerry Appworld.

Download links: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | BB10



Last FM

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BB10 (as ON AIR)

Last.FM is one of the best music streaming apps available for free for all the major mobile platforms. It’s not just a music streaming service, but also has a whole social network built around it. Using you can discover new music and will tell you about any concerts that are happening in your area. There’s also a recommendations feature that will recommend you similar artists to the ones you regularly listen to. The best thing about Last.Fm is that it truly is free, with no annoying audio ads to get in your way.

Download links: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | BB10

Platform-Exclusive Music Streaming

Google Music [Android]


Google Music

Google Music is one of the best music streaming apps that can be availed free for Android devices. Using the Music app on your computer, you can upload all your music collection (20,000 songs limit) to Google’s cloud. After the upload, your music is available on up to 10 of your Android devices. Google Music also allows you to purchase tracks. As all the music is stored on the cloud, your smartphone’s storage won’t be used up for music tracks. But if there’s some music that you really enjoy and couldn’t do without, you can cache tracks for offline use as well.

Download Google Music app here.

Xbox Music (Windows Phone 8)


Xbox Music

Xbox Music allows you to stream or download your music collection from your Windows PC or Xbox. Xbox Music enables seamless music playback through all your synced devices. For purchasing music you can use your Windows smartphone. The purchased music is then available across all your synced devices such as Surface, Windows 8 PC. Playlists across devices are also synced, so create a playlist on your PC and listen to it on your smartphone, simple. The first 6 months are free and after then you’ll be required to buy an Xbox Music Pass that’ll remove the ads and restrictions of how much music you can listen to.

Download Xbox Music here.

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