The Most Plausible Round-up of iPhone 6 Rumors

iPhone 6 Rumor Mill

iphone 6 rumours
Android flagships are coming in boatloads. The first of the wave was the LG Optimus G along with its twin brother the Google Nexus 4. With the flood gates open Sony decided to go all out and released their Xperia Z superphone with a next-gen 1080p 5-inch display, a rugged waterproof body and 13MP Exmor RS camera. HTC then decided to drop a bombshell in the form of the HTC One. It is even more radical than the waterproof Xperia Z. It has a 4 ultrapixel camera, all-aluminium chassis and a beautiful 1080p Super LCD3 display. If this isn’t enough to get an Android enthusiast drooling with envy, then we have the upcoming Galaxy SIV. It is said to feature an octa-core Exynos 5 chip. So it seems that Android has pretty much all of the bases covered when it comes to a consumer’s needs. All of this of course gets analysts thinking, what will be the Apple counter-attack to this Android invasion be like? Will they cave in to the pressure and simply announce a bigger iPhone? Well here are some of the most plausible iPhone 6 rumors we’ve heard so far.

4.8-inch Display For the Next iPhone


The industry trend has been shifting slowly and slowly towards bigger screens. Reports from iPhone Blog indicate that the next iPhone will feature a 4.8 inch display, with some claiming that early prototypes are being produced as we write this. There was a time when the Galaxy SII’s 4.3-inch screen was considered to be monstrous. But as smartphones take over our lives and much of our digital lives as well, it is becoming increasingly important to have a bigger smartphones to potentially increase productivity. While Steve Jobs could have been right saying that 3.5-inch is the screen-size that is the most natural fit for a human hand, it does not matter anymore. Consumers are simply becoming used to bigger phones now. At the very least, iPhone 6 rumors suggest that we should expect to see a 4.3-inch display on the next iPhone.

1920×1080 Or More Resolution


The pressure is on Apple to keep up with the industry and increase the size of its iPhone. But doing that would mean making another significant change – the screen resolution. In the past, Apple always kept the aspect ratio of the future phones inline with the previous models so that backwards-compatibility for new apps would be almost a non-issue. Most Android flagships these days are coming with 1080p displays, and soon enough, 1080 will be the standard for any smartphone to be considered news-worthy. It will make sense then for the new iPhone, predictably with its increased display size, to feature a better resolution just like what the iPhone 6 rumors tell. 1920×1080 or some eccentric ratio of that resolution seems the most natural fit.

iPhone 6 Release Date


The Android attack is coming strong. Critics have so far not found a lacking flagship in Android’s army. This could leave a huge dent in Apple’s sales but it’s not all about that. If Apple brings a new iPhone late to the game, it might fail to capture people’s fancy like it used to. So Apple will have to come up with a successor to the iPhone 5 very fast. iPhone 6 Rumors suggest that Apple might be upgrading to a 2-phones-a-year policy with a completely new phone releasing in Autumn while a mid-cycle refresh coming sometime in spring. Keeping in mind these iPhone 5 rumors the next major update to the iPhone, the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, should land somewhere between September and October of this year.

iPhone 6 Rumors – Evolve or Perish


Whenever a corporation decides to stick to its principles, things usually go downhill from there. The iPhone has remained an undisputed king of the smartphone realm for many years but the tides are changing. Manufacturers using Android are constantly one-upping Apple when it comes to versatile hardware. Not only versatile, but absolutely cutting edge. Android has possibly the best camera in the smartphone game today with the HTC One. And the upcoming Galaxy SIV will probably crush every phone out there with its reported octa-core processor. If Apple wants to the iPhone to survive the battlefield, it will have to morph with the industry. Otherwise it will die a slow and painful death.

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