Bump App Aims To Replace The USB With New Update

Bump App Gets An Update

Bump App Gets An Update

Bump app has become one of the best apps to share contacts, files and photos between different devices. All you need to do is install bump app and and gently bump the two phones you want to share the data between. The best part about the bump app is that it has cross platform support which means that you could share information and data between Androids and iPhones.

Bump app recently got updated on iOS and Android and will now have the functionality to share files to and from your computer. Before the update, you could only share photos with your computer. This Bump app update allows you to share any file from your smartphone to your computer in either direction.

Describing the update, the CEO of Bump, David Leib said, “We’ve kind of turned Bump into an unlimited and ubiquitous USB drive. So you can throw your USB drive away, as long as you have a phone with Bump on it.”



He further added, “What we try to do is build products that ‘normal’ people can really engage with. So yeah, you can do all these things if you’re set up on some cloud-syncing solution, but what we find is that normal people don’t really know how to set all that stuff up…we want to build stuff that has low cognitive overhead.”

The simplest thing you could do with the Bump app is back up your contacts and media files to your computer. Lieb said that the company is not moving towards becoming a hosting service despite the fact that right now data is stored in the cloud and users get URLs if they want to share it. He says that Bump app will instead focus on partnering with other services to save information and files in the cloud. Right now, Dropbox is supported but Evernote could make a debut as well.

With the update, we think that Bump app will expand its user base since previously you had to have the Bump app installed on both smartphones to share data. Now you could use it on your own with your computer as a file sharing tool or a backup making app for important information.

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Source: TechCrunch

  • Sebastian

    Good app but transfer speeds are a bit slow for large files.