5 Best Android Workout Apps To Dump Those Calories

android workout apps
Given our modern ultra competitive routines, it is becoming increasingly difficult to give our bodies the proper amount of exercise it requires. But we’re humans and the human body needs time and exercise to function better. Believe it or not, exhaustion and fatigue can actually lower your productivity and can adversely affect your brain. So do yourself a favor, take some time out, and crank those calories. Here are the 5 best Android workout apps that will help you get a healthier lifestyle.

The Daily Workout Series

A workout is useless if not done properly; it could harm your body and cause muscle fatigue and injury. That is why we are listing The Daily Workout Series as number one on the list of the best Android workout apps. The series is divided into several apps, each focusing on a different part of the human body. And each app features many different exercise videos which you can do to that specific part of the body. The series shines because of the way the videos are presented. They are concise, and are actually repeating GIF images so they do not take up much space on your phone. The app package is a must have if you do not have a personal trainer. You can download the apps here.

Note: Not all of the apps in the series are free but are worth the money you spend on them.

Noom Cardio Trainer

Noom’s Cardio Trainer app is a very comprehensive app for getting you in good shape. You tell it how much you weigh and the app will suggest a workout routine that will help you reduce your weight to your desired setting. Then it will keep track of everything you eat, and how much you’re exercising. Actually, the exercise tracker module is very well realized. It records your routes if you go running, cycling etc and saves them later for your review. It even gives you a small notification in the status bar which tells you the amount of calories you have burnt that week. This is one of the Android workout apps that support a large number of exercises and the status bar notification actually motivates you to go out there and up the burnt calorie count for the week. You can download it here.

android workout apps

Runtastic Running & Fitness

Runtastic is a full featured exercise and fitness app. Its main focus is your exercise routine and workout plan. It too will store your running/cycling routes for later viewing but it has a party piece. It features Google Earth integration so you can view your route in 3D to get more information like altitude, gradient etc. The app also allows you to keep a workout diary where you can comment on your workout and the comprehensive graphs help you better visualize how you’re doing. You can download it here.


RunKeeper is a very popular fitness app. It provides you with an extensive list of stats and graphs to help you keep track of your progress. It supports a number of heart rate monitors so if you’re concerned about your heart’s health, it’s got you covered. RunKeeper also lets you take photos while you are on your workout so you can keep a visual diary, and notifies in realtime you when you achieve goals or personal bests. RunKeeper will suggest your plans for pre-set goals. You can download it here.

android workout apps

Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter – Shape Up Club

As weight-loss experts say, a good workout routine is nothing if the amount of food you intake is not controlled. Losing weight and keeping in shape involves keeping calories in control. And the amount of food you eat governs that very fact. Eat too much and your calorie intake might actually render the time you spend working out useless. That is why we decided to feature Calorie Counter. This is one of the  Android workout apps that focus on your body and your food intake. You can specify your plans and goals in the app. The app also comes with a barcode scanner along with a database of 400,000 items so you just have to scan your processed food and see the amount of calories it contains. Now that’s pretty awesome. It also features RunKeeper integration as a nice plus point. You can download it here.

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