Tempo Calendar App – Smartphones Finally Have a Smart Calendar

The minds behind Siri have come up with another app for the iPhone called the Tempo Calendar App. The app offers much more substance than the stock and other calendar apps out there by giving the users contextual-information about the entries in their calendars. The Tempo calendar app works especially great for business activities. Here’s 5 reasons’s why you should definitely give the Tempo Calendar a try (it’s free, for now):

Tempo Calendar App

Tempo Calendar App

1. Tempo Calendar Finds Relevant Information About Your Appointments

Suppose you set a calendar entry of a meeting with a person called Ron Dennis. Tempo calendar will go through your synced email accounts, apps and contacts list to find any contextual information that might prove to be useful for the appointment. Tempo calendar will find links to Ron Dennis’s LinkedIn profile, for example, and will list all the emails along with their attachments that it finds relevant. So you have all the information you can possibly get about a person prior to meeting them.


Credit: Tempo.ai

2. Know the Location of Your Appointment

The calendar entry now reads, “Meet Ron Dennis at Cafe Hoobla”. Tempo calendar app will find the exact address of the location, along with directions to the place. An especially neat touch is that Tempo calendar tells you about any nearby parking lots that are available so you don’t have to go waste half-an-hour trying to find a parking lot. Tempo calendar even tells you the estimated time of arrival, all without having to go to another app.

3. Siri Integration

Tempo calendar app was incubated at SRI International, the same folks who brought you Siri. So it comes as no surprise that Tempo calendar also has seamless integration with Siri. You just tell Siri, “Create meeting with Ron Dennis at Cafe Hoobla tomorrow at 1pm”, and Tempo calendar will find all the relevant emails, attachments, LinkedIn profiles, contacts, directions to ‘Cafe Hoobla’ that it deems relevant to the meeting.

4. Never Be Caught Off-Guard from Delayed Flights

Tempo calendar app automatically gathers information about your flight so you’re always aware of whether your flight has been delayed, or not. And it does it right from within Tempo calendar. No need for third-party apps. Now that’s called AWESOME.

5. No Need for Third Party ‘Specialized’ Apps

The beauty of the Tempo calendar is that it does all of the above on it’s own, without any assistance from any other app. You needn’t check any Maps app before creating any appointment, nor haplessly go through all your email for your conversations with the person you are going to meet. Tempo calendar does it all for you, just like a personal assistant.

tempo calendar

Credit: Tempo.ai

According to Tempo co-founder Raj Singh, the current calendar apps for smartphones are really just calendar apps from old dumb-phones with a few extra features. Tempo calendar does not over-burden you with suggestions of it’s own like Microsoft’s annoying paper-clip assistant, it just informs you of any contextually-important information that might help you with the meeting you are going to have.

Tempo Calendar app is currently only available for iOS.

  • picturik

    Looks promising. In order for this to be a smart app though, it must be released on Android. You know, the 75% of the smartphone world 🙂

  • Ammar Zahid

    There are plans for an Android version 🙂

  • Sebastian

    Haha agreed. But the fact remains that iOS is more profitable so devs dont even bother turning to Android if resources are tight.