Productivity Apps for Blackberry 10: I’m Not Dead. I Think I’ll Go for a Walk

Blackberry Apps - Image Courtesy Blogger Click

Blackberry Apps – Image Courtesy Blogger Click

So BlackBerry came roaring back with the new BlackBerry 10 and hey, we might be stuck with BlackBerry for a while now. While the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 aren’t the world-changing magic phones, the company really needed to become a major player again, they are perceived as pretty much good enough to keep their existing customer base, if nothing else, and maybe be used as a platform for future growth. While the Vegas bookies pay off bad bets about the company’s immediate demise, this means that an army of business people will continue to use these devices for the foreseeable future.

So, since the BlackBerry 10 is now a viable alternative again, if you find yourself with one of these outlier phones, how do you make them work for you? As always, we are here to selflessly help you manage your life. Here are five productivity apps for Blackberry that’ll keep you moving.


Blackberry Apps - Conqu - Image Courtesy Berry Review

Blackberry Apps – Conqu – Image Courtesy Berry Review

Conqu is a task management tool on steroids – it’s not just a to-do list, it’s a to-do list with flexible scheduling – even a back-burner option – as well as tagging, time tools, and project assignments to make sure your list of stuff that’s got to be done is completely organized and under control. Best of all, it’s one of many totally free productivity apps for Blackberry 10  you can install.

Download here.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings App

When you’re on the go on in the commuter lane, you can still be productive with your team members by using this free app. Schedule and join meetings with a screen sharing feature, with a built-in chat feature. For a free app, this is one of the the productivity apps for blackberry 10 with extremely useful feature.

Download here.


ReadItNow App for BB10

We all dream of a world where our Internet connections are persistent and cheap, but the reality is there are still plenty of areas where your connection is either not available or where roaming charges threaten to pauper you. ReadItNow saves content from the Internet for later reading, clean of ads and pop-ups. This is one of the productivity apps for Blackberry 10 that is perfect for traveling, and perfect for keeping your dead zones productive.

Download here.

Calendar Sync

You can’t talk about Blackberry productivity apps without a calendar, can you? Calendar Sync isn’t free, but it seamlessly links your Gmail and Google Calendar to your Blackberry. You can’t be productive unless you know where you’re supposed to be and when! Best of all, the Google data appears in the Blackberry’s native calendar, keeping things streamlined.

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

Blackberry Apps - Splashtop Remote Desktop HD - Image Courtesy Berry Review

Blackberry Apps – Splashtop Remote Desktop HD – Image Courtesy Berry Review

This is one of the pricier productivity apps for Blackberry 10, but it’s so darn useful it’s worth the $7. This app gives you on-the-go access to your desktop PC – whether you need to work with Office, or another program you can’t use on the phone, or just access files you forgot to put in the cloud. A must-have for anyone who splits time between their phone and a desktop.

The good news here, in case you’re not seeing it, is that the App offerings for the BlackBerry are pretty robust – you can get a lot of work done using these devices. If you’ve got a BlackBerry or are thinking about one, rest assured you can get your business done with these productivity apps for Blackberry 10.

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  • Matt

    A couple of these apps are pretty cool but BB is never going to outshine anybody as far as apps are concerned.

  • Walter

    They said that about android apps as well