Samsung Galaxy Q: Powerful Like a Gorilla, Yet Soft and Yielding Like a Nerf Ball

Samsung Galaxy Q - Is a Flexible Screen on the Cards - Image Courtesy Android Nova

Samsung Galaxy Q – Is a Flexible Screen on the Cards – Image Courtesy Android Nova

Ah, the flexible display – the White Whale of the current smartphone market. This is ripe for one of those meme-y “What my Mom thinks I do … what the world thinks I do …” graphics, because we’re pretty certain that when you say “Samsung Galaxy Q rumors include a flexible screen” people think of something out of a sci-fi movie, a screen you can fold up into a square and slip into your pocket. Of course, the way the last few years have gone, if any ginormous multinational bloodthirsty amoral corporation can pull off a flexible screen on a mobile device, it would be Samsung. Current theories on Samsung’s amazing run over the last few year center on time travel having been invented in 2005 and technology from a century from now being smuggled back.

Samsung Galaxy Q Features

With the Mobile World Congress (MWC) just a few days away, the Rumor Mill has been churning fast and furious, and one focus of those rumors is the Samsung Galaxy Q. Word is that among the Samsung Galaxy Q features will be a “flexible” screen – but more on that in a moment. In the more realistic ballpark, the Samsung Galaxy Q rumors include the following specs: a Super AMOLED HD display at 1920×1080, a 1.7 Ghz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, a 3500 mAh battery, all running on Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy Q - More Likely a Folding Screen - Image Courtesy Netbook News

Samsung Galaxy Q – More Likely a Folding Screen – Image Courtesy Netbook News

Nice! We’d buy Samsung Galaxy Q even with a stinky old inflexible screen. But of course there’s a class of people who, once they hear about a flexible screen, look on their non-flexible screens with revulsion and hatred, screaming to the heavens WHY! as they lust after the next big thing. Will the Samsung Galaxy Q have a flexible screen? Possibly. Samsung’s been teasing us with flexible screen technology since 2008, kids. This isn’t a Water Engine – it’s real technology. The question isn’t whether it’s possible, the question is whether you or I or Bill Gates will be able to afford the Samsung Galaxy Q. We note that all the Samsung Galaxy Q rumors that include flexible screens say nothing about the price. If you have to take out a second mortgage in order to buy Samsung Galaxy Q, Samsung’s not going to bother bringing it to the market.

More Likely Samsung Galaxy Q Features

We’d bet if Samsung is going to take the trouble to crash the MWC with the Samsung Galaxy Q, it’ll have a folding screen, like they’ve demonstrated before: [youtube] This is more reasonable. It’s not as sexy as a flexible screen, but it’s still pretty amazing – having that size of screen when you want it, but a normal phone form factor when you don’t? That’s amazing. That’s a Samsung Galaxy Q we’d buy. Unless of course you have to bring a wheelbarrow filled with conflict diamonds in order to buy Samsung Galaxy Q, in which case we’re perfectly happy with a 5-inch 1080p display on some other, inferior phone, thank you. Whatever the Samsung Galaxy Q features that prove to be true, you know it’s coming from Samsung so the Samsung Galaxy Q will be worth your while. Can you keep the disappointment off your face when Samsung Galaxy Q doesn’t bend and fold like paper?

  • James

    No actually. :p
    Seriosuly though, bendy displays might not be everyones cup of tea tbh.

  • Stacey

    Hi James, that’s true. I think for a lot of people it’s more the curiosity about how it’s actually going to look and feel. Whether we’ll all trade in our current phones for a flexi-display one remains to be seen!