Samsung: We’re Already Camped Out in Line for the GT-B9150

Samsung - Exynos Processor - Image Courtesy Slashgear

Samsung – Exynos Processor – Image Courtesy Slashgear

In the world of mobile phones and gadgets, we’re all trying really hard to appear to be geniuses with some form of predictive power. We know that in order to keep our loyal followers reading we have to appear to be infallible and armed with inside information. Sure, our spouses, partners, relatives, and co-workers know we’re barely functioning and sometimes show up to work wearing trousers made of garbage bags and duct tape due to incompetence and poor life decisions, but you don’t have to know that. So we try very hard to keep dazzling. As a result, sometimes you take a few very insubstantial wisps of data and try to weave them into a coherent prediction. The hope is twofold: If we’re right, we can dig this essay up months from now and blow our own horns. If we’re wrong, we can quietly delete it and wait patiently for the Google Cache to refresh and let the incident be swallowed by the Memory Hole. Today’s wisps come from Samsung.

Samsung: The Mystery Android Device

Samsung is on such a roll we’re all willing to believe just about anything. Tell us that Samsung is unveiling a robotic butler that can mix drinks and do your laundry, forever saving you from the humiliation of Garbage Pants? We’re all in on that rumor.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Yet Another Samsung We're Impatiently Waiting For - Or Are They The Same Thing - Image Courtesy Phone Arena

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Yet Another Samsung We’re Impatiently Waiting For – Or Are They The Same Thing – Image Courtesy Phone Arena

Unfortunately the newest Samsung rumors have nothing to do with robotic butlers, as far as we can tell. They have to do with Mystery Model number GT-B9150, which showed up in some Samsung benchmarks that leaked out onto the Internet a few days ago. You may recall that this model number showed up last year as well, with different specs and a whole separate slate of rumors attached to it. What’s fascinating about this iteration of the rumor mill is what a monster this Samsung phone (or device) looks like: A 1.7 GHz dual core Exynos 5 processor? OMG, yes please. 1920x1080p full HD? Sold. Throw in Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean and we’re already sleeping in a tent outside the store, waiting for release day. And yes, the “tent” is also made of garbage bags and duct tape. Don’t judge us.

The Age of the Samsung GT-B9150

So, the mystery of the re-appearing code name is intriguing. Certainly companies are allowed to recycle internal model numbers, or to drastically re-draw the specs of unreleased models any time they want. So what is this thing that we so desperately want despite knowing almost nothing about? Aside from an obvious triumph of guerrilla marketing, that is.

One theory is that it’s a new Samsung slider, but that’s kind of boring. Certainly it might be true, but we need a bit more drama around here to get us to get out of bed, put on our Garbage Pants, and actually come into the office. And those impressive specs make us believe pretty firmly that this is the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV in secretive benchmark form. That would certainly explain that monster of a processor and display, as well as the timing of the Samsung benchmark leak. If Samsung is trying to secretly give us a glimpse of what’s to come, they certainly succeeded. We’re officially putting all the money we don’t spend on laundry and new pants on it being the Galaxy S IV – watch and see.