Samsung TV: Ahead of the Curve

Samsung TV - Image Courtesy Jazarah

Samsung Curved TV – Image Courtesy Jazarah

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the title of this piece. We’ve been under a lot of stress, and we’ve been inundated with new toys to play with, the end result being we haven’t slept in four days and have survived on coffee, a box of crackers discovered in the back of a cabinet in the break room, and our own tears. The stress comes from people demanding information about the Samsung TV – the curved one they teased at CES. Everyone wants to know all about it, but as far as we can tell there may only be one actual model in existence, based on the scant information available.

Curved Samsung TV: What We Know

Here’s what we do know about the new Samsung TV: It is curved. The edges curve inward to subtly surround you. It’s 55-inches, or at least the model no one was allowed to get within three feet of at CES was 55-inches. It’s an OLED screen.

Thus ends the information we actually know. The rest is, basically, Samsung marketing copy.

According to Samsung, this curved TV will offer panoramic, immersive viewing experiences as the ultra-sharp picture literally surrounds you. Supposedly this will result in a “being there” sort of feeling, especially when viewing “vast landscapes.” We don’t know about you, but we do often sit at home viewing nothing but the Vast Landscape Channel, and yes, we’re often a little disappointed that our stupid flat flat-screen TV just sits there on the wall like something flat.

Curved Samsung TV: Specs? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Specs!

Samsung Curved TV - Image Courtesy Best of Micro

Samsung Curved TV – Image Courtesy Best of Micro

To be fair to Samsung, teasing a future product at CES doesn’t require that they release full specs. It’s entirely possible there are still tech challenges being worked out, suppliers to line up, and the specs may not be final. So it’s entirely possible that by this time next year we’ll be in a shame-spiral, crying over a bottle of gin as everyone we know brings home a new curved Samsung TV and then starves to death in their living rooms, so transfixed by the vast landscapes they forget to eat.

Still, we can’t help but think about the whole 3D fizzle. TV makers have for a long time relied on bigger screens and deeper blacks to coax us into replacing perfectly good televisions with slightly better televisions, but that has slowed down quite a bit. When you have a 60-inch HD TV hanging on your wall, buying a 61-inch HD TV seems, well, unnecessary. And so! The litany of super-cool features no one actually wants. Smart TVs? 3D? You must have these features! We kind of get the impression that the whole curved TV thing is just another unnecessary viewing augmentation. Do I really need panoramic views when I’m watching Big Bang Theory?

Of course, we’re also pretty sure there was a version of us in the 1960s complaining that color TV was simply a marketing ploy to get us to buy a new TV approximately 30 years before we’d planned to. So your mileage may vary.