Nokia Music + Is Set To Make Music Discovery Easier For Its Users

Nokia Music +

Nokia Music has served owners of Nokia Lumia smartphones splendidly well over the past couple of years. It won’t be wrong to say that the Nokia Music has actually been a crucial selling point for the Nokia Lumia lineup. The Mix Radio feature with Nokia Music has had a good history with offering ad-free customized radio channels. These radio channels are streamed free of charge for users of Nokia Music. There is good news for all users of the service as Nokia has introduced Nokia Music + at Midem music industry conference. Let me run you through the details of the premium service.

Nokia Music + will allow users to cache as many channels on their smartphones as they please. Moreover, the premium service will enable Nokia Music + subscribers to skip whichever track they wish. Enhanced audio quality over any strong WiFi connection will make streaming an even better experience for Nokia Music + users. Another plus of the service is that it also allows access via devices other than Nokia Lumia smartphones. All that’s required of you is to use an HTML5 website to approach the Nokia Music + feature. Personally, I am impressed with this particular allowance.

Nokia Music

Although trend setters like Spotify and Deezer have the lead as of now, the main basis of comparison for Nokia Music + would be the American personal radio service called ‘Pandora’. Pandora offers a free of cost basic version. However, the Pandora One charges users a monthly rate of $3.99. Other leading streaming services cost a standard fixed rate of about 9.99 GBP per month. The Vice President of Entertainment, Jykri Rosenberg for Nokia is certainly excited about the prospects of Nokia Music +. The VP feels that the Nokia Music + makes the service feel more ‘complete’ than ever before.

Nokia Music + will charge all its subscribers a monthly rate of 3.99 Euros for the service. It is said to become available in a total of 24 countries. Interestingly, Nokia has never really published precise figures to enlighten us about the current number of subscribers. Still, the Vice President believes that there is a vast majority of Nokia Lumia users who are making use of the Nokia Music feature. There is no denying that services like Nokia Music + will be a great step for music discovery purposes. Only time will tell how many more customers the improved Nokia Music feature is able to attract. We shall keep you updated.

Courtesy: Guardian