Nokia Laser – A Nokia Lumia 920 Variant Being Pushed By Verizon?

When smartphone releases for 2013 are coming like a storm, why should Nokia stay on the back foot? There have been rumours regarding a new Nokia Lumia smartphone. The latest one actually spills the name of the probable entity: Nokia Laser. No, there is no mention of Lumia in the name if we were to go by the rumour alone. The latest reports suggest that Verizon would play a key role in bringing the Nokia Laser into limelight. This would potentially hold a candle to the Nokia Lumia 920 by AT&T. More details on the Nokia Laser follow ahead.

Nokia Laser - The Nokia Lumia 920 Variant

Nokia Laser does sound like the sort of name that Verizon would specially want, does it not? The story doesn’t end here, though. Microsoft has full plans of offering support to Verizon in making Nokia Laser a success. The word in the media is that Microsoft would be willing to invest in marketing the Nokia Laser prior to its release. We have all heard rumours about a Nokia Lumia 920 variant from Verizon since long; however, the Nokia Laser rumour has its own appeal. I imagine the Verizon customers would be delighted by this and would closely follow every news feed on Nokia Laser from now on.

It is important to note that the Nokia Laser rumour is starting to pick up pace at a time when the possibility of a Nokia Catwalk device already looms large. If this actually translates into reality, we might see atleast three Nokia devices released this year. Besides the Nokia Laser and Nokia Catwalk, an EOS with 41 megapixels is also expected to hit shop shelves in 2013. Not many people enjoyed an awesome camera forcefully paired with the outdated Symbian OS on Nokia PureView. Hence, Nokia plans to put things right by working PureView on a Windows Phone EOS.

Nokia Laser

Nokia seems to have refused to comment on the existence of Nokia Laser for now. I suppose there really is no need to get happy jumpy about Nokia Laser all too soon. Still, hoping for some more competition in the smartphone market does no harm to anybody’s health I believe. There is already a long list of exciting smartphones from various companies ready for launch in 2013. Nokia Laser might well make it to that list, provided that the rumours have some substance to them. Regardless of all that, we shall surely keep you updated on the Nokia Laser.

Courtesy: TheVerge