Top 5 Apps For Your (Almost Forgotten) New Year Resolutions

Apps for new year resolution will keep you on track.

Apps For New Year Resolution To Keep You On Track

The New Year brings new resolutions and year 2013 was no different. There were new promises, new pledges, new plans and new ideas of change. Most of you would agree that forming these plans in thin air is easier than following them. We are pretty sure that a majority of us have probably (or are very near to) failing to keep in line with these resolutions and forgetting them. This is where apps for new year resolution can help by heaps. Therefore, we have compiled a list of five best apps for new year resolution that will assist you in staying consistent with your set resolutions.

MyFitnessPal is going to help you in your new year resolutions.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

Staying fit is every person’s dream. Not everyone is able to accomplish this, though. Most of us pledge to do it but forget to follow the schedule all too soon. Still, nine out of ten times, exercise is on the list of all and sundry’s resolutions. Regular and intensive exercise is the best sleep aid afterall. Fitness apps for new year resolution aid a great deal to keep you in line with your forgotten resolutions.

How much should I eat? How many calories do I normally consume? How much calories do I need to lose? What foods would help me achieve weight loss? MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter is the answer to all these questions. With great bit of social integration, such fitness apps for new year resolution will keep users motivated.

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Improve your game with videocoach.

Video Coach: Ubersense

We must not forget athletes and coaches in our plans for new year resolutions. Again, there are some really vital apps for new year resolution that can help achieve this. Video Coach is a video analysis app which is hard to beat. Users may record, compare and analyze different sporting skills to improve their game.

From trying to better your golf swing to enhancing your tennis backhand ability, this app will play a vital part in your success. The app supports slow motion analysis in order to help you track every flaw in your game. Side by side comparison will make comparing and contrasting techniques easier for different players.

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This app will help you call it quits.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach

It’s pointless to let your life up and away in smoke. It is never too late to quit. With apps for new year resolution, calling it quits can be made easier. You must have your plans set and your motivation levels up for the job. Livestrong can support you in kicking this nuisance out of your life.

A few dollars spent on this useful app can save your life. Additionally, it has the added advantage of tracking your progress to establish how well you are doing. Hopefully, Livestrong will provide the all-important breakthrough you are looking for.

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Stay organized with Evernote.


One of the most important new year resolutions include becoming organized. Surely, it brings out the best in any person. More importantly, if you have plans to stay organized in the upcoming year Evernote will be just about the right app for you.

Evernote is helpful in more than just one way. It allows users to make their own notes, prepare to-dos and create reminders to keep themselves reminded of future events. This is certainly crucial for students who aim to achieve a lot in their studies.

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Snapguide is a great resource to post guides and learn.


2013 might very well be the right time to revive the philanthropist in you. Snapguide is among those apps for new year resolution that will motivate you to teach the community at large. You will have the freedom to prepare and share guides by making use of the peer-to-peer community. Similarly, you will have a lot of content from others to learn from.

Snapguide may not be too extensive but it does an excellent job of teaching you a little bit of something with each passing day. Think of it as a hobby or make this one of your frequently used apps. Either way, Snapguide deserves its spot in the best apps for new year resolution.

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That sums up our take on the top 5 apps for new year resolution. Let us know what plans you have for the new year in the comments below.