HTC Sense 5 Screenshots Unveil Its Probable Form

HTC Sense 5 Homescreen

I have always had great regard for HTC Sense. The interface remains simple; yet, stylish. If you were left pleasantly surprised with the last post on HTC M7, be prepared to smile again. The latest screenshots of the HTC Sense 5 unveil an even simpler overlay. The interface now looks a lot less cluttered on the HTC Sense 5.

Mind you, there have been screenshots of HTC Sense 5 before but we were yet to receive something from a credible source. XDA developer mdeejay has generously contributed pictures of the HTC Sense 5, thanks to the working port he has. Let’s have a look.

From the looks of it, the HTC Sense 5 does seem like a much simpler approach to things. The good old 3D ring lock seems to have gone for a walk. A small and simple lock sits in its place. The clock and weather widgets also occupy much lesser screen estate. Previously, the two widgets would completely hog the screen, leaving little room for more apps to fit in. This seems to have changed for the better.

HTC Sense 5 Menu

It is evident that the two widgets are carried to the menu which is a really interesting choice. Say, for example, if a user needs to know the time he/she would not have to switch back to the home screen to do so. All in all, it’s an excellent choice to have the clock widget and weather widget carry over to additional screens. The icons lack the sort of depth there was in the previous variants of HTC Sense UI. However, despite being flat they seem to have an improved font style and a much cleaner look.

HTC Sense 5 Font

Two more screenshots provide a view of the software information under settings. Once again, the font looks a lot thinner than ever before. The screen looks as sleek and clutter-free as the home screen itself. In addition, a screenshot displays a few customizable tiles like the ones we have witnessed on Windows Phone. If this actually comes to pass, it would be a great way of finding aggregated updates and news feeds in one place.

HTC Sense 5 on HTC M7

All in all, it is great to see HTC reduce the amount of screen interference with standard Android overlay. I believe Android already allows enough freedom of choice to users so they may choose from custom skins as they please. Having said that, HTC Sense 5 does seem to be shaping up well. Seemingly, HTC M7 would be the first to make use of the HTC Sense 5. Surely, a combination like this can bring HTC back in the game, big time.

Courtesy: Engadget

  • Steph Coll

    Sense 5 looks beautiful. I guess HTC are taking note of what the community wants!

  • Ahmed

    this does look amazing!

  • Syed Hassan

    Doesn’t it? Gotta love how spacious and cleaner the interface looks now.
    Let’s hope there isn’t a twist in the tale. 🙂

  • Syed Hassan

    Indeed. It is nice to see HTC making all the right moves to enhance looks.
    Needlesss to mention, HTC Sense was already arguably the best. This only places a cherry on the top.

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  • lmktacwa

    New weather widget is U-G-L-Y. HUGE downgrade. No reason, now, to stick with HTC. On to Samsung!