Apple iPhone Math Rumoured – Does It Really Sum Up?

iPhone Math has been rumoured.

Apple might have realized that it has a bit of catching up to do with large touchscreen displays hitting the scene. This might explain why it has been rumoured that Apple might just launch atleast two iPhones this year. The Apple iPhone 5S was already on the cards. However, Apple iPhone Math may well be complementing the launch of iPhone 5S this June.

iPhone Math Specs

As per the China Times website, the rumoured iPhone Math will come with a 4.8-inch touchscreen display. iPhone hasn’t surpassed the 4-inch mark yet so could be a welcome change for iPhone users. Besides the increased screen size, the iPhone Math is also said to feature an 8 megapixels snapper.

A Change In Naming Strategy?

One does wonder why Apple would call its new smartphone, the iPhone Math. That’s a reasonable concern considering iPhones names have always been about numbers at the end. Only codenames that are usually reserved for Macs are names of wild cats.

Why drift apart from the usual strategy then? Who knows, maybe Apple is thinking about assigning the iPhone Math a number a few days before launch. We saw something similar with SONY Xperia Z which was previously codenamed ‘Yuga’.

Two iPhones In One Year?

Another thing that makes this story a little iffy is the fact that Apple hasn’t launched more than one iPhone per year. With the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone Math together, it would be going against its own tradition.

There isn’t anything awfully wrong about thinking out of the box but it is still an important bit to note. Going by Apple’s track record, it has been rather slow on introducing new changes so this does not necessarily have to be true. Rumours will be rumours, afterall.

The Timing Of iPhone Math Rumour

If we put the latest rumour regarding the iPhone Math into context, the timing does seem interesting. Only just recently, Phil Schiller from Apple refuted all rumours regarding the launch of an inexpensive iPhone. Phil clearly stated that Apple would never be prepared to produce a cheap iPhone.

This only makes me keep a questioning mind about the iPhone Math rumour. So should you. While there is every likelihood of iPhone 5S making it to launch, the existence of iPhone Math remains questionable. Let us wait for an official word from Apple. Stay tuned for more till then.

Courtesy: TechRadar