HTC M7 Design – The Dark Knight Finally Unveils Itself

HTC M7 Design has been unveiled.

HTC M7 Design Is No More A Mystery

There has been a lot of speculation about the design of HTC’s upcoming flagship M7. Unofficial photo leaks have only gotten people more curious about the design of the phone. While some HTC M7 photo leaks have made it appear like the typical HTC design we are familiar with, others have dressed it like the Apple iPhone 5. Thankfully, HTC Source has finally put an end to this child’s play by unveiling the true form of HTC M7. Let us talk you through the design and other rumoured specs of the upcoming HTC M7 smartphone.

What Does It Look Like?

You can quit freaking out if you thought the HTC M7 would don the looks of the Apple iPhone 5. We already knew it was going to be an all-out black but extremely slim design. Word is that there might as well be more colours added to the HTC M7 variant as time wears on. This is something we witnessed with the HTC 8X if you remember. Fortunately or unfortunately, the HTC M7 closely resembles the HTC 8X in its design. Personally, I believe that’s a good decision on part of HTC. The HTC 8X was a looker and so is the HTC M7.

What Changes Does It Undergo?

However, there are some noteworthy differences with HTC M7. The bezel on the HTC M7 looks massive for an HTC flagship smartphone releasing in 2013. It probably beats the entire SONY Xperia lineup scheduled for 2013. Still, I feel it might not be too big a bother for people. From the looks of it, the recent apps and home button on the display have switched places. This might bring memories of the Nexus S smartphone. That sort of button placement can actually put off a lot of users.

Some Lessons That HTC May Have/Have Not Learned

Another good thing about HTC M7 is that it might well be dollied out to multiple carriers. This way everybody would be able to get hands on the HTC M7 without having to switch carriers. HTC decided otherwise for HTC Droid DNA. That kind of decision to tie down the phablet with a single carrier never really paid off. It seems like HTC might well have learned a lesson or two. It might be disappointing to note that the HTC M7 comes with no external storage to expand beyond the 32GB in-built storage but we think that should be enough for most people.

Courtesy: DroidDog

What are your thoughts on the HTC M7 design? Let us know in the comments below.

  • James

    M7 can actually make HTC relevant again.

  • Fibb

    HTC 8x was a beautifully designed device and I am really glad HTC decided to borrow some elements from it. I think this simple and clean design helps HTC stand out.

  • Syed Hassan

    HTC has mainly been about simplicity, hasn’t it?
    I agree that it looks best when it sticks to its roots when it comes to design elements.
    However, I do find the swapping of those Menu/Home/Back buttons questionable. Don’t you?

  • Syed Hassan

    Had you lost faith in HTC? I thought HTC One X had a great outing.

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