Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 – The Bold And The Beautiful

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 battle.

It’s been a while since Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 came out; now that we have gathered enough user experience, we are in good shoes to do a comprehensive comparison of these two beasts. The world of smartphones continues to evolve as manufacturers strive to get a larger piece of the pie. Nokia Lumia 920 has emerged as a challenger to the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. While Samsung Galaxy S3 is still the best selling phone in the world, it is worth taking the time out to call for a Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 contest. Let the battle begin and see who bites the dust this time around.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 - Design battle.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920: Build and Design

Users these days can be very picky about design when buying a smartphone. Rightly so, I suppose; the phone may well accompany you for at least another year, after all. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920 are very dissimilar when it comes to design.

Lumia 920 remains true to its roots and feels adequately solid. It boasts the typical Lumia rectangle-shaped polycarbonate unibody with sharp edges. This box-art design is starting to become a trend with many new smartphones to date. I, for one, have been quite pleased by the looks. One gripe that you may have with the body of the phone is that it feels heavy at 185g making the handling a bit tricky for some.

S3 may not seem as stylish as Lumia 920 but you can’t just write off its relatively simplistic and curvy design. This allows for better handling and accounts for a grippier handset. It also feels considerably lighter at 133g. You ultimately will have to make a trade-off between design and weight. Still, if I were to express my opinion I would be more inclined towards Lumia 920’s tapered unibody art.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 - Display wars.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920: Display

On paper, Lumia 920 is a clear winner when it comes to display. Let us still go through the motions and investigate if that really translates into reality. For the record, the Galaxy S3 sports a 4.8-inch SuperAMOLED display while Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch LCD touchscreen. Hopefully, you’ll agree that the difference in size is negligible.

Lumia 920 has an edge over the S3 with a higher pixel density of 332ppi in comparison to S3’s 306ppi. Again, that’s not a big difference since it is almost impossible for the human eye to detect differences beyond a 300ppi. ClearBlack filter and Puremotion HD+ technology on Lumia 920 creates the major difference, though. Clearblack attributes to improved contrast that also enhances sunlight legibility, while PureMotion HD+ personifies the on-screen effects by reducing latency. This also enhances readability.

Lumia 920 users have the advantage of operating the display with their gloves on, or with their nails if they wish. Thanks to the sensitive Synaptics layer on the LCD, users won’t have to abandon the phone in chilly weather conditions. The Galaxy S3 screen clearly lacks these features.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 - UI matchup.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920: User Interface

Like it or not, user interface is pretty much a subjective matter. If you have been fond of Microsoft’s recent offerings, you will actually like how Windows Phone 8 functions. The OS is still fresh and is striving to become less buggy. The OS is also very easy to get used to. The resizable Live Tiles are lovely, to say the least. Finally, the seamless synching with Windows PC and Xbox 360 is also a plus.

However, Windows Phone 8 proves to be no match for Android when it comes to customizability. From homescreen widgets to themes, Android allows as much customizability as the users please. Samsung also wins points for introducing amenities like Smart Stay and Pop Up Play to the mix. Allow me to repeat, it all comes down to personal preference.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 - Performance comparison.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920: Performance

It has got to be said that both phones are powerful performers. Galaxy S3 is powered by a 1.4 GHz Quad core processor with 1GB of RAM while Lumia 920 packs a 1.5 GHz Dual core processor under the hood with 1GB of RAM. The Quad core processor in the Galaxy S3 creates the right kind of environment for multitasking which may be short-lived if users run too many apps.

On the contrary, Lumia 920 uses a 28nm architecture that consumes less battery power during operations and high-performance apps do not hog the system. S3’s external expandable storage up to 64GB does build a strong case against Lumia 920’s fixed internal storage of 32GB.

gs3 vs lumia 920 camera

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920: Camera

Lumia 920 is endowed with an 8.7 megapixels snapper in comparison to the 8 megapixel camera on Galaxy S3. However, Lumia 920 delivers more than  just those extra 0.7 megapixels. The PureView image stabilization in Lumia 920 sharpens images and dual LED flash allows excellent photography in low lighting.

Galaxy S3 retains good white balance and doesn’t oversaturate colors in broad daylight. Hence, it holds a slight edge over Lumia 920 with sharper images in daytime. Both of the phones support 1080p video shooting at 30fps but Lumia 920 easily trumps the S3 video shooting experience with more fluid videos free from blur, thanks to the optical image stabilization once again.

So, you have our review, now give us the verdict in the comments below.