HTC M7: A Hotly Anticipated Phone of 2013

HTC M7 - Image Courtesy Unwired View

HTC M7 – Image Courtesy Unwired View

It’s pretty clear that HTC is pushing hard to get the M7 out the door in first quarter 2013 in order to beat the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the punch; it’s unclear if they’ll be able to do it. Either way, what we do know about the M7 makes us want one very, very badly, making it the most anticipated phone of 2013.

HTC M7 – Specs

Here’s what we know – or think we know – about the M7. It’ll probably be running Jelly Bean at a minimum, unless there are unexpected stability issues with a piece of hardware, so it’s possible they might go with Ice Cream Sandwich with an upgrade path to Jelly Bean. We’re always impatient to be using the latest and greatest, so it’ll be disappointing to go with ICS, though we likely won’t notice much difference if we’re being honest.

HTC M7 - Image Courtesy XDA Developers

HTC M7 – Image Courtesy XDA Developers

Just about every high-end phone coming out in 2013 will sport a 13 megapixel camera, and the M7 should be no exception, and it will also certainly support true 1080p video. This is kind of amazing if you pause to think about it. The evolution in phone cameras and video capabilities is like someone invented jet planes five years after the Wright Brothers got off the ground for the first time. The M7 is also rumored to have a 5-inch display, which is not the biggest but is certainly a lot of real-estate to work with, and since it’ll be a 1080p HD display no one – and we mean no one – is going to complain.

Under the hood we’re expecting a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and probably 2GB of RAM. Heck, we can recall buying a Pentium II desktop computer with 64 megabytes of RAM, so we’re now carrying computers in our pockets more powerful than the computers we did our homework on back in the day. Outside the hood the rumor is it’ll be an aluminum unibody design, so it ought to be a pretty little thing.

HTC M7 – Expectations

HTC has proven itself to be pretty good at covering the market, offering phones that are ideal for the basic buyer looking to save a few bucks as well as the power user seeking to dominate the universe. 2013 is looking to be no different. If HTC can get the M7 to market in Q1 as predicted we think it’ll be a sensation, and take Android one step closer to worldwide domination.

HTC M7 - Image Courtesy Cloudfront2 Bostinno

HTC M7 vs Galaxy – Image Courtesy Cloudfront2 Bostinno

However, HTC has stumbled a bit in sales recently, and going directly against the most popular phone in the world – the Samsung Galaxy – is either suicidal or brilliant. To pull it off, they’re going to have to get it out there before the S4 launches. The S4 is rumored to have a similar set of specs, so any direct competition between the two phones is likely going to end up in Samsung’s favor. HTC needs to get the M7 out there ahead of time to snatch up that market share before Samsung gets its shiny star into the room.

Of course, a lot more goes into getting a phone to market than a spec sheet. We’re excited – but we’ll be more excited if the M7 actually hits by March 2013.

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  • Chris

    Does anyone know how this is any different than the DNA aside from the camera(better) and RAM(worse)?

  • GSM Nation

    There are a couple of small differences:

    1. HTC M7 will have a slightly higher pixel density of 468 ppi compared to the 440 ppi of DNA.
    2. Slightly smaller screen size: 4.7 inch compared to 5 inch on DNA
    3. Internal storage of 32GB compared to 16GB for DNA
    4. M7 has a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon compared to a 1.5GHz Quad-core Krait in DNA

    Other than these minor differences, the phone is pretty similar to Droid DNA and HTC One X+.

  • opiag

    I hope it’s under 5 in, Jesus enough with the behemoth phones

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