iOS vs. Android: A Case Of iOS Superiority

iOS Superiority over Android.

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iOS and Android have been the top dogs in the mobile industry without a shade of doubt. Android and iOS superiority has actually contributed to the downfall of plenty over the years. Don’t mistake this as an oligopoly, though. While the two seem to be conveniently ruling the industry, they also find themselves waging flame wars against one other. Neither one is an all-out champion. However, iOS superiority over Android in various aspects is a bitter truth. Allow us to shed light on how iOS superiority is inevitable before the flames catch the pants of Android fanboys.


Even businessmen acknowledge iOS superiority over Android.

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User Friendliness At Its Best

Like it or not, not everyone is into rooting and installing custom ROMs for mobile phones to enhance their performance. With Apple iOS, users hardly ever need to think in terms of ‘rooting’ their iPhones or iPads anyway. The fluidity and smoothness in performance of the iOS simply oozes iOS superiority.

The user interface is intricately designed and offers an excellent learning curve. This is why it is ridiculously easy to get used to. It also explains why more and more businessmen acknowledge iOS superiority over Android. This is largely attributed to the simplicity that iOS puts on offer.


Even a cat is convinced by iOS superiority in regards to safety.

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Apple’s Closed Quarters Contribute To iOS Superiority

How many times have you heard an Apple iPhone or Apple iPad going bad because of a virus? To date, I have heard of no such thing. Apple iOS deserves credit for keeping its defenses tight against malware and harmful activity.

Beside contributing to iOS superiority this comes at a cost of limiting customization options on iDevices. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Android may well suit people who fancy customization and hacking, to some extent. iOS is simply a different horse for a different course.


The picture is worth a thousand words and iOS superiority.

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Quantity Without Compromising Quality Of Apps

Android is slowly and steadily trying to match iOS superiority in terms of apps. However, it more often seems like a case of increasing the ‘number’ of apps rather than the quality. Let’s face it, every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be an Android developer these days.

This is hardly the case with iOS. Apple has already achieved a milestone with over 25 billion iOS apps downloaded. This, alone, stamps iOS superiority over Android. However, iOS promises quality in its apps (nine out of ten times).

No wonder iOS developers are able to access wider audiences and generate much more significant revenue as a result.


Automatic updates for iOS are proof of iOS superiority.

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iOS Updates Are Clean As A Whistle

You might be wondering how updates would define iOS superiority over Android, right? They absolutely do matter. With Android, more often than not it comes down to a specific carrier providing the latest updates available for a device. Conversely, iOS promptly delivers updates as if they were an oven hot pizza!

iOS also benefits from less fragmentation of iDevices. This is something that really bothers Android, though. You see, there is an array of Android devices that varies in size, shape, processor speed and what not. Not every one can be tested separately for updates and even if so, the development procedure takes forever to complete.

iDevices are a boon in this regard. Apple clearly knows its products and releases updates accordingly. This goes to explain how some of the older devices are able to run the latest updates. Moreover, in doing so there is hardly ever a case of iOS crashing to pieces or lagging like Android every so often does.


Customer Service ensures iOS superiority over all others.

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iOS Superiority With Superior Customer Support

In the modern day, short-termism is just not an option. Apple seems to be well-focused on achieving its long term goals. It aims to achieve that by taking customers into confidence in every way possible. An outstanding after sales service plays a crucial part in accomplishing this.

Damaging or completely bricking your Android device can possibly mean the end of the road for you. Even if not the situation involves a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ which leave a lot to expect from your carrier. Atleast any such happening to your iDevice won’t put you into panic mode.

You can simply contact for a Genius Bar appointment or carry the device to the nearest Apple Store. Problem solved!

  • Tyler

    Because no was has ever jailbroken an iPhone to get a feature apple doesn’t support(wallpaper?)? Android 4.1/4.2 JellyBean is a smooth robust OS that shows android has evolved since its take-off in 2009. Android is equal in the number of apps. Bricking an android device isn’t too much of a problem as long as your not dumb about it (ie pulling the battery out while your doing something).

  • begadkepat

    I’ve owned a dozen Android devices (from the HTC Inspire 4G to the Galaxy Note II), as well as six iOS devices (iPhone 3G, 4, 4S, 5, iPad 2, 3). I come down on the side of iOS, as I’m currently using an iPhone 5 and enjoying it.

    That doesn’t stop me from concluding that this article was *terrible*.

  • couldn’t agree more, this is one of the worst iOS vs android comparisons I have ever seen.This looks like it was written by a troll, or some 10 year old kid.

  • Kcls

    I would have to agree. This article was completely iOS biased. I could easily write an article stating why Android is superior to iOS.

  • Really? I have never had any of the issues you stated with my Androids. I have rooted and flashed more than a few Androids and have NEVER hard bricked a device, nor has my Android EVER had a virus. But my Android does and always has had a great Maps app, and Google Now simply put dominates Siri. The only edge an iDevice would ever have is less fragmentation, but as far as apps and customization’s there is no comparison Android dominates. You iPhone is not currently running next years operating system, but many Android devices built last year are running next years Android OS…I won’t even bother going into who originally created iPhone, and iOS (Cisco did, not Apple), and who is suing Apple because they had a patent on iFone years before Apple did. This goes back to the biggest argument between android and icrap users, but the fact is Apple actually did very little innovating. The Apple iPhone is a good phone, not a great phone. They still have dual core processors, while the flagship models of 2012 all have quad core processors…certainly not a bleeding edge product anymore though.

  • ElfirBFG

    On the money.

    I absolutely loved my 3GS when I had it back in 2009. However, I grew tired of the tiles, the sterility, basically iOS itself. I finally ‘risked it all’ and jailbroke it, an easy feat looking back on it. I again fell in love, with Live Wall Papers(Nexus), iBlank(to organize), scrolling pages, etc.. I did have a set back, I received one of those ‘timely updates’ to 3.1.3, back to stock, awful. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, but I finally got a tethered JB. Worst thing ever. Phone freezes/resets and I’m out of luck until I can get back to my PC. It reset a lot too, more than even the most experimental ROM I’ve run, okay, maybe not more, but as much. Best thing about the phone was the resale value, I thankfully offloaded it before the iP4 dropped, I then went to a more customisable(a joke, with a shred of truth) Samsung Corby, until finally getting the Atrix, my first Android. From FroYo to JB(4.1), I’d take each and every version over iOS.

    I know I am one of those ‘hackers'(lolz) the article talks about, but I probably would never even cared to do such things if iOS was as good as this article suggests. It’s a damn shame iOS is so dated too, I like the iPhone 5, the internals to the aesthetics of the phone itself, I like, maybe even love it, but iOS and its bits and pieces(see: Siri, Maps) will keep me from ever buying one.

  • Ian Kavanagh

    User friendliness is a personal preference and I don’t see how any one OS could be measurably better than another on this point.

    How is iOS being close quartered a good thing when the only benefit you gave for it is that there are no viruses for iOS when there are also none for Android? Android offers all of the customisation which your close quartered OS does not and there are no viruses for it too. For me Android wins here.

    Both the Google Play store and the App Store have the same number of apps, Just because there have been more downloads on 1 does not mean it is a superior app store it could be due to many different reasons. Your statement about App Store superiority is a fallacy.

    I can’t believe you actually said “iOS Update Are Clean As A Whistle”, everybody I know says their iPhone is great until they have to upgrade it. iOS upgrades are the hardest and most annoying upgrades to do. Yes Android phones don’t get upgrades for as long as iPhone’s. Both OS’s have issues with upgrades and I wouldn’t put either ahead based on this.

    You article is about judging OS’s but then you go on to talk about Customer Support about physical devices and device fragmentation, sorry but if you want to talk about OS differences at least stick to them and leave it at that.

    I am of the opinion that neither OS is better but that Android is the one I prefer and suits me better. Maybe you should try both with an open mind before writing embarrassing articles like this again.

    After reading this article I am sorry I ever liked your Facebook page.

  • I prefer tech sites to stay generally neutral, as it causes fewer messes.
    This is the worst, most bias writeup I’ve seen in a long time. Oh well, I have other sites that I get info from. I’ll simply remove this one from the list (and my Facebook).

  • PeterK

    While everyone is entitled to his/her opinions, just like the author, intuitiveness of iOS single-handedly gives it an edge over android. Give an iOS device to a five year old and he will be good without his dad’s help. Agreed that android has quite a powerhouse beneath the hood but thats not what concerns most of the people out there. 80% of the people want a phone that’s smart, intuitive and will easily do most the things you want it to do. Furthermore, iOS developers have created a cohesive and consistent UX that helps app developers create apps without having to worry about 10000 different things. And if you buy a cheaper android device, you get stuck with a terrible UX. Also carriers forcing down bloatware is something I did not appreciate when I bought used GS3 for a month and half before switching back to my iPhone. Finally I do wish that iOS would let you organize your screen however you want.

  • Walter
  • Walter

    Serious vulnerability reportedly leaves Samsung Galaxy S III and other devices wide open to malware:


    Never argue with iOS users, you’re just dragged down to their level.

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  • wat???

    easy understanding, apple = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • ragnok

    articles like this are made for apple douche bags that only want to make themselves feel better about there expensive phone seriously apple has no viruses? you think it doesnt have exploits? though rare both iphone and android have them but the are quickly patched… superiority? the fuck! its a bloody phone. if apple was so great it wouldnt have a rival and it wouldnt intimidate there retarded fanboy army into writing crap like this. i thought i was going to read a real comparison not some jerk off sucking on apples tit.

  • James Burkett

    And how much did Apple pay you to write this #Fail of an argument?