HTC Wildfire S Review – A Prime Example of Bang-For-The-Buck Device

HTC Wildfire S: The Best Budget Phone, Courtesy: Dexa


HTC Wildfire S – Arguable The Best Budget Phone!

The smartphones market is up to the throat with mini mobile phones. While Sony Ericsson has been a critique of small-sized gadgets, HTC has continued to support the idea of smartphones that fit the hand well and comfortably. And rightly so. HTC Wildfire S is a prime example of HTC’s belief in small sized smartphones. At a time when people still hadn’t gotten over the HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire S made a grand entrance into the world of smartphones. HTC Wildfire reviews showed that the biggest selling point of the phone was its bang-for-the-buck status, which still makes it one of the bestselling Androids. Would you like to know what makes the HTC Wildfire S one of the best budget phones? Let us jump right in to our HTC Wildfire S review.

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Design and Build

Regardless of what gender you are, HTC Wildfire S has the sort of looks that would make you want to keep it at a viewing distance. Small and curvy, the phone is a treat to look at. Aesthetically, the HTC Wildfire S is a mix of its predecessor and HTC Desire S. The result is a pleasingly compact device. The phone doesn’t quite deserve the title of “Mr. Chins” for its tiny chin that generously extends outwards. It does vividly remind us of the HTC Hero but we are glad that it hasn’t been so overdone. With plastic guarding the major part of the body, chrome accents around the front panel providing a premium feel to the phone. The front is pretty well complemented by the rubberized back of the handset; it might require some long finger nails to flick it open, though. It is also very reassuring to note that the HTC Wildfire S weighs merely 105 grams. According to HTC Wildfire reviews, all these amenities combined make HTC Wildfire S a very user-friendly phone.

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The Touchscreen

A mini smartphone surely brings a small screen with it. Do not be disappointed, though. We genuinely feel that 3.2-inch display is quite enough on a budget device such as the HTC Wildfire S. Sure, it is no AMOLED or IPS display but we must bear in mind the fact that we are dealing with an entry level phone. HTC hasn’t been too generous with the pixel density of the display as it has allowed an okayish figure of 180 ppi for the phone. In all fairness, though, the HTC Wildfire review showed the results are not quite bad. The touchscreen is fairly responsive (for the most part) as long as you are not overloading the handset with multiple apps running in the background. On paper, the HTC Wildfire S supports only up to 256K colors but we feel that the color production would easily suffice. The HTC Wildfire was known for its issues with sunlight legibility. HTC Wildfire S also suffers from poor viewing angles on a reflective screen (by far, our only real gripe with display). However, colors do not wash out as abnormally as we have witnessed on its predecessor.

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Software and User Interface

HTC Wildfire S runs Android v2.3 Gingerbread. As you would expect from any HTC device, this has been layered with the trademark HTC Sense UI. We have stressed enough times before that we are fans of the Android and Sense mix. The one used on the HTC Wildfire S is the Sense v2.1. A wide variety of amenities are available as a result of little enhancements made to the Sense UI. The HTC Wildfire review also revealed the most noteworthy changes include a reworked Main Menu screen and inclusion of a Quick Settings tab under Notifications. In the main, the overall scheme of things is as basic as you would expect on an HTC Android phone. A total of seven customizable homescreens are available to users. HTC’s very own widgets add a lot of flare to the overall functionality of the phone. All in all, it is a bit of a visual treat; thanks to the use of HTC Sense.

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Features and Performance

Users will not have trouble running the most basic apps and some slightly more taxing apps on the HTC Wildfire S. However, it does start to reach its limits at one point. Again, we must remember that it is an entry level device but it is still a mini beast. The HTC Wildfire S packs a Qualcomm processor clock at 600MHz. This is coupled with 512 MB of RAM. We agree that this does not translate into terrific performance but it does a reasonable job for a budget phone. Besides, you would not suddenly start expecting power performance from an entry level smartphone, would you? Let us not ignore the 5 megapixels camera that the HTC Wildfire S packs. The camera does a fairly reasonable job of capturing nicely detailed images in bright lighting. Ofcourse, you can’t expect the same performance in darker environments. That’s where the single LED flash kicks in. It does not really get us excited with its performance but it only just gets the job done.

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Web Browsing Experience

An enhanced display resolution in 320 x 480 pixels means that images and text seem much more pronounced. Despite the relatively small display size, web browsing is a fun experience on the HTC Wildfire S. You might be gutted to know that the handset doesn’t quite make full use of Android v2.3 in regards to Flash. However, Flash Lite is available as a nice alternate which partly compensates for this loss. The experience is quite fluid. Plus, the UI remains uncluttered with a very simplistic approach. As one would expect from an Android smartphone, HTC Wildfire S supports pinch zooming. It is also nice to have text reflow which allows for uninterrupted reading regardless of the length of text. HTC has added nice visual effects to the setup as well with tabs taking the form of 3D cards.

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The Verdict

To sum up the HTC Wildfire reviews, here are some notes to keep in mind. A quality Android device at an affordable price has been an anomaly. Fortunately for those of you looking for one in your limited budget, HTC Wildfire S is one of the best budget phones for its price. It is certainly a bang for buck deal at $145.

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