Nokia Lumia 820 Review – A Lumia Comes To The Rescue

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820, Courtesy Men.Postjung

Nokia Lumia 820 has been under the scanner ever since Nokia announced its new line of Nokia Lumia smartphones. We had previously covered Nokia’s worsening condition in a saturated industry. We also enlightened you on how Nokia faced a do or die situation as the launch date of Lumia phones drew nearer.

In an environment where most customers have lost faith in Nokia, Nokia Lumia 820 and company seem to be the only saviors. Clearly, Windows 8 failed to match up to the stature of iOS and Android. However, Nokia Lumia 820 promises to make a grand appearance with Windows Phone 8 on board.

Let’s take you through the Nokia Lumia 820 and find out if the new handset really makes a mark.

Nokia Lumia 820 Back Covers

Nokia Lumia 820 Back Covers, Courtesy: Topachat

Design and Build – As Strong As A Nokia

People have come to expect certain standards from Nokia in regards to build quality. For the most part, these handsets are robust and sturdy. Nokia Lumia 820 is no stranger. Despite its all-plastic body, the phone feels as strong as Popeye. Hence, it ensures a sense of security, meaning you can knock someone with a few hits if needed.

Speaking of Popeye, the handset is clearly on the heavier side with a weight of 160 grams. Surely, the phone is going to keep you notified of its presence with its heftiness. Yes, it does count as a negative. However, it won’t be fair to give the phone a thumbs down based as of yet.

It is interesting to note that Nokia Lumia 820 vividly resembles the HTC HD7. It may not don the premium looks of Nokia Lumia 920 but Nokia’s clever use of the right materials mix on the phone has worked wonders. Removable plastic back covers are a welcome change but they are slightly hard to remove (we would suggest you grow your finger nails a little bit).

Courtesy: ScienceandTechnology

Display – AMOLED Meets Lumia

Windows Phone operating system and AMOLED displays have proven to be a nice blend in the recent past. The 4.3-inch AMOLED screen on Nokia Lumia 820 also maintains this happy relationship.

Thankfully, sunlight legibility is not an issue with the new phone as it does an excellent job outdoors. The screen maintains brilliant contrast and boasts rich colors. Undoubtedly, it doesn’t amp it upto the level that HD displays are capable of but it is still quite appreciable.

One bit that bothers most users is PenTile matrix. Luckily, there are no such blockades in case of Nokia Lumia 820. The display is well endowed with sharpness (again, not as well as one would expect from HD displays). Even better are the wide viewing angles, which are impeccable to say the least.

Nokia Lumia 820 UI

Nokia Lumia 820 UI, Courtesy: PhoneArena

Operating System – Complex; Yet, Intriguing

Microsoft is renowned for its fearless instinct to fiddle and experiment with technology. Without doubt, it has taken some risks with Windows 8 OS as well and Windows Phone 8 results are quite pleasing for the most part.

The newest version of Windows Pone 8 does have a different feel to it which will demand some getting used to if you are migrating straight from iOS or Android. No worries though; the nice-looking 3D effects and famous Live tiles are there to welcome you.

More room for customization has been allowed in the fresh version of WP8. Live Tiles can be resized and the wallpaper on the lockscreen can also be altered using apps. As usual, updates appear on the Live Tiles and multi-tasking is not quite what you would expect on an Android but it does exist. Sadly, the dearth of apps for WP8 as of now. We are still convinced that the setup as a whole works well.

Nokia Lumia 820

Courtesy: NokNok

Features and Performance – Over The Line

Nokia Lumia 820 is powered by a Dual core Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. This is accompanied by 1GB of RAM. Manufacturers seem to have put a lot of heart and effort into getting the combination to work. It keeps the phone functioning at quick pace even with the not-so-new hardware.

It is very nice of Nokia to allow expandable storage on the Nokia Lumia 820 (something that is completely missing on the 920). This means that users won’t have to panic even if they run out of the 8GB of internal storage. The ability to expand memory upto 64GB is a blessing.

Are you tired of irremovable battery covers? It looks like Nokia was on the lookout. The Nokia Lumia 820 doesn’t suffer from the same illness as its senior and packs a 1650 mAh removable battery. Needless to say, this is inferior to what the Nokia Lumia 920 offers but it manages to last you around 8 hours. Let us not forget that it supports wireless charging too.

Nokia Lumia 820 Camera

Nokia Lumia 820 Camera, Courtesy: MobileChoiceUK

Camera – A Good Snapper

The 8 megapixels snapper found on the back of Nokia Lumia 820 does a pretty good job. With an F2.2 aperture Carl Zeiss lens, the camera takes snaps with good focus and enough lighting support with the LED flash.

The interface is not that extraordinary from what we have usually seen on Windows Phones. On the bright side, it isn’t too difficult to get along with. Having said that, users will find it fairly simple to take photos with the onscreen options.

The phone is also sufficient in terms of video recording capabilities, ofcourse. Users have the option of shooting videos in HD as well as Full HD. Inevitably; results in Full HD look a lot more crisp and clear. In all fairness, this is the best we have seen from a low-end Windows Phone device.

Courtesy: MobileNewsCWP

The Verdict

One can’t deny that Nokia is beginning to build a strong base for itself once again. Perhaps, Nokia Lumia 820 is a good starting point. Priced at $539, the new Nokia Lumia 820 really deserves a lot of attention. An above-average AMOLED display along with fluid performance and strong build puts this handset to the top tier of Windows Phones.

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  • abdhoms

    Ctrl + F and type ‘Windows 7’. Replace it with ‘Windows Phone 7’. Other than that, great write up.

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  • Syed Hassan

    Thanks alot for your input @abdhoms.
    Highly appreciated.

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  • A bit short review but keeping it short makes it readable. Personally I like the practical design, removable covers and memory card support of the Lumia 820. And that is not just because I work for Nokia.

  • Syed Hassan

    Thanks for dropping by, Patteri.
    I personally fancy Nokia’s choice of materials and design myself so I would like to second you.
    Nice to know you are associated with the company. 🙂

  • Syed Hassan

    Thanks a whole lot, abdhoms. I made the change.
    Your kind words and suggestions mean a lot.

  • heca

    Thanks for a reasonable review. Personally the thing I like most is the response speed. It is almost always pretty good i.e. I see immediately what I was doing. Another pleasant feature is maps and the software that takes use of it.

  • timppari

    Lumia820 is much more than described above. My absolute top 2 :I can use phone wearing gloves and I can use wireless charging. I did not believe beforehand how much these features help life. Also City Lens is awesome way to navigate. Camera has also several cool “lenses” available: Smart shoot, Cinemagraph and Panorama.. and try Mix Radio… free of charge the music you like!

  • Clicious

    I have been using an 820 and it is spectacular. Woohoo