Lumia 920: A Success Story Hampered By Strong Demand

Lumia 920: A Big Hit

Lumia 920: A Big Hit

You are not alone if you haven’t been able to get your hands on a Lumia 920 until now. The Windows Phone 8 flagship from the Finnish giant has sold out everywhere and Nokia has been having issues to get the phone to even journalists who want to review it. 

There have been some suggestions floating around that Nokia limited its supply in the US and directed most of its units to Europe, where traditionally, there has been a stronger demand for Nokia phones. We do not believe it though. This is a phone on which Nokia’s future depends and we highly doubt they would create an artificial shortage to increase the demand for the phone.

The phone has been sold out at most brick and mortar as well as online stores. Many carriers and retailers have confirmed strong demand for the the Lumia 920 including AT&T, Orange France, Amazon and Best Buy. Retailers in the Netherlands even said that the demand for the phone equalled the iPhone 5 in its first week of sales. The phone sold out in the UK at Clove even before stocks arrived. In the US, Lumia 920 is the best selling Windows Phone 8 device and third best selling device overall at ATT.

You would think such demand would be heartening for Nokia, and it is. Ilkka Rauvola from Danske Bank Market, raised his estimates of the number of Lumia 920’s that would be sold in 2013 from 23 million to 36 million units. Many analysts believe that the stock issues are down to supply problems and they are to blame for the shortage.

The phone is expected to become more readily available from January 2013. The availability is expected to be better because of the higher yield Qualcomm got in Q4. Toni Nygrén, an analyst at Market-Vision said,

“If Nokia can resolve the component shortage before Christmas, the last quarter of Lumia sales may be more than 5 million units.”

Since many were expecting weak sales to be the final nail in the coffin for Nokia, this is good news for the company. If you do not want to wait till next year to get your hands on the Lumia 920, we suggest you head over to the GSM Nation Store. The slight delay we had previously was due to low stock. As a result we had to re-negotiate and thrash out new deals and it is not fair to our customers nor us to pay exorbitant prices for the phone because of a shortage. Another thing we sorted out is the warranty arrangement that is now finalized. The phone is back in stock. Once the pre-orders are fulfilled, the phone will open up for regular sale. What this means is that you can order your Lumia 920 right now! If you want a Lumia 920 in white color, you might get lucky.