GSM Nation Disrupts with a New Sale Program: Choose Your Own Sale

Choose Your Own Sale

Choose Your Own Sale


Ever wished an item you liked on a website was on sale? We visit hundreds of shopping websites every month. Sometimes, we like a product and purchase it right away. Other times, we like a product but find it to be way over our budget. We then go and scour the clearance section of the website in the hope to find something that resembles what we liked, but often to no avail. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do but wait helplessly for the item to go on sale. We visit the website every now and then to see if the product has been put up on sale by any chance. However, keeping up with our past record of disrupting the status-quo, GSM Nation is about to change the sale model of the entire smartphone retail industry. Unlike other retailers, GSM Nation will not put sale on items that it wants to get rid of. Instead, GSM Nation’s sales program will be exclusively in the consumers’ interests and will represent our customers’ choices (yes we care a lot about our customers as you can see from our customer reviews). GSM Nation is starting a Sale Program that will be one of its kind called “Choose Your Own Sale”. Every week, GSM Nation will hold a poll in which people can vote for a phone to go on sale. The phone that wins the most votes goes on sale for a week.

Forget waiting for the holidays to get the best phone deals, vote for the phone you want to buy and make the sale happen right away. If the phone that you’re interested in is not listed in this week’s sale, just write the name of the phone in the comments below or drop us an email at with “Phone Suggestion: Your suggestion” as the subject, and we will include your choice in the next round of polls.

Good Luck voting!

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  • Stanley Lu

    HTC One X or Galaxy SIII!

  • Emanuel


  • matsudo

    HTC all the way to the moon!!!

  • Nebojsa Cvetkovic


  • Jason Fleisher

    Nexus 4

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  • Ray Yip

    Samsung Galaxy S III

  • anatoliy frankov

    Nexus 4, nexus7

  • anatoliy frankov

    Nexus Nexus winer

  • Christopher Johnson

    HTC One X

  • Carl Hurtubise

    The Galaxy Nexus is so nice, it’d be awesome if it was on sale !!

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  • Justin Bongard

    The Galaxy S3 of course! It’s just awesome.

  • vyseus

    If you ask me~ i would love to have the Galaxy Nexus~ still best one for customization for me~

  • An

    I would like the Samsung Galaxy S III to go on sale… I still currently have a Motorola XT720… Quite disappointed and waiting for a good upgrade besides everything… :/

  • Adam

    HTC One X all the way

  • I vote for the nexus

  • B1

    Everybody loves Nexuses!

  • valami

    galaxy nexus

  • Delu

    Sony is the way 2 go

  • Steve


  • theadb


  • Jesse

    HTC One X (though I have an S3 … :P)

  • gramps50

    I cast my vote for the Galaxy S3

  • Larson T.

    Galaxy S 3 for sure

  • GSM Nation

    Looks like Galaxy S3 is stealing the show with a 500 vote lead so far over Nexus followed by HTC One X. Looks like we might have to pull Galaxy S3 out of the next polls.

  • disqus_x4ripYQchg

    nokia lumia 920

  • GSM Nation

    Nokia Lumia 920 is on our list and will definitely be included in the poll after the Holidays.

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