The MyShoebox Photo App: A Forever Home for Your Holiday Photos

Keep Holiday Photos Forever with an App

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It’s the holiday season. And lots of people will travel across state and country lines to visit friends and relatives that they haven’t seen in quite some time. To commemorate those moments, we’re all going to take a lot of pictures.

But where will those pictures end up? Facebook and Instagram are great for capturing meals and day trips. But what about those special family photos that you want to keep forever? For that you need a more permanent storage repository like MyShoebox.

MyShoebox is a cloud storage app that gives you free, unlimited storage for your photos. In the digital era, photos end up being pretty segregated. Facebook unworthy (or inappropriate) photos stay on your phone or it’s microSD card until it’s time to switch devices and you have to figure out what to do with them.

Point-and-shoot photos often sit on that devices microSD until the next time you use the camera. Or they sit on your laptop, PC or tablet hard drive for rainy day storage.

And feeling nostalgic can mean sifting through hundreds of pics on several different devices, sites and cards until you find what you’re looking for — if it wasn’t accidentally deleted when you upgraded your device.

MyShoebox attempts to fix that problem by letting you put all of your photos in cloud storage. The cloud storage app is designed to work with Android, iOS, Windows and OS X (Windows Phone is coming soon) so no matter where you take a photo, you can drop it into MyShoebox.


The MyShoebox Photo App

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MyShoebox certainly isn’t the only cloud storage service out there. But the way it sets itself apart in several important ways.

For example, the photo app is automatic on Android phones. As soon as you take a picture, it sends the photo via the network (low-res photos) or over Wi-Fi (high-res photos). That way, if your phone finds itself buried in the snow during the post-dinner game of touch football, you won’t lose any of the priceless family photos that you took earlier in the afternoon. You can also turn it off if you can’t spare the data.

Another perk you get with the MyShoebox photo app is automatic organization. Once a photo is deposited into cloud storage, it is organized by its metadata. Photos are organized by the date, location and the device that they’re taken on to make them easy to search for.

That’s something that you won’t find on Google+, Dropbox or Skydrive. If you want more traditional organizational options like those three offer, you can also go in and manually create albums for the photos.

The MyShoebox app also lets you control the privacy level you want to associate with your photos. It’s not a social network (which may turn some users off). Instead of sharability, it offers a secure password-protected cache. And since most phones allow you to share photos right after you send them, it doesn’t really take away from your ability to post pictures to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you choose.


Organize Photos with MyShoebox

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But while the MyShoebox app is great, there are still a few minor bugs that need working out. For example, you can only delete individual pictures, not groups so prepare to do a lot of deleting if you’ve set the app for automatic picture uploading.

Also, the app won’t detect photos stored on your phone, tablet or laptop’s external microSD card. So you’ll have to transfer those to the hard drive and then to the cloud storage app.

But those few hiccups aside, the MyShoebox Photo App is a great holiday photo saving tool.

  • Hey Meg and the rest of the GSM Nation! I’m the Community Manager for MyShoebox and I wanted to let you know that in our most recent Android update (released yesterday) we’ve included microSD card support! Let me know if there are any other questions/comments.