The Acer Iconia Tablet Review: A Great Buy at a Cheap Price

The Acer Iconia Tablet

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For the next few weeks, we’ll all have our eyes out for holiday deals on cheap tablets. But there are some tablets that are cheap year round. In fact, if current trends continue, 2013 promises to be the year of the cheap tablet.

The Acer Iconia Tab A110 tablet is one of the progenitors of the cheap tablet revolution. It’s only $230 and fits comfortably in the mid-range tablet line without skimping specs or perks to deliver the low price.

One of the primary reasons for low tablet prices in 2013 is competition. Everyone is getting into the tablet market from Microsoft to Nintendo. And to stay competitive in that glutted market, Acer has had to make affordability and usability it’s major selling point. And it’s done a great job at that.

The first thing we all want to know about is the 7-inch screen. And that’s where Acer’s  Iconia tablet really delivers. It’s 1024x600p resolution. That’s HD quality viewing that will produce sharp pictures on 1080p video and make all of your photos look picture window quality.


The Acer Iconia Side View

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While technically the resolution isn’t as high as you’ll find on the iPad 4 or the Google Nexus 7, the display quality difference is really a technicality. You’ll have to hold them side by side to notice the difference.

On par with the Iconia tablet’s display is its powerful NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Quad-core is the type of processor you need to scroll smoothly, play high-graphics games without stutter and open apps with no pause. If you just want to browse the internet and read onscreen, its great for that too.

The rest of the tablet is on par with most tablets. You have access to practically all the fun, popular apps that you’ll find on the iPad. And because this tablet is running Android Jelly Bean — the latest Android OS version — there’s nothing you can’t run including Google Now and Maluuba.


The Acer Iconia's Display

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There’s a front-facing camera for video chatting but no rear camera (do you really need that anyway). Like most high-end Android tablets, it has expandable memory via an SD slot that will fit up to a 64GB mciroSD card. That’s plenty of room for HD movies, music, books and apps.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tablet for 2013, this is a really great option. And the price is right. But if you’re saving your money for the absolute top of the line, check out the tablets available at All of their tablets are unlocked and available at prices that reflect the new inexpensive tablet revolution.

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