The Best Black Friday Tablet Deals

The Best Black Friday Tablet Deals

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Tomorrow is the beginning of the big day. But even with an extra 12-or-so hours to shop, it can be tough to get the best Black Friday deals. Smart shoppers will sift through a ton of fliers to find out just where the best deals are.

If you’re looking for a Black Friday tablet deal, you’re in luck. We’ve done our own research to find the best Black Friday tablet deals available online and off.

The Biggest Black Friday Tablet Savings

The cheapest Black Friday tablet deals we found were at Sears. We didn’t know they sold tablets either, but apparently they do. On sale for $40 each they have the Nook Simple Touch and the X-Treme Tab 7.

But although they are roughly the same price, they’re really not equal. The Nook Simple Touch features a black and white display and it’s really more of an eReader than a tablet. It’s best suited to reading books from Barnes & Nobles’ vast eBook collection.

If you want to browse the web, play with apps and enjoy all a basic tablet has to offer, the X-Treme Tab 7 is a much better choice. It won’t compare to the likes of high-end tablets on the market, but it’s sold at a great price for Black Friday shoppers who want to test the tablet waters before investing in a high-end machine.


The Xtreme Tab 7 Black Friday Deal

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The Black Friday iPad Deals

Lots of people are planning to buy an iPad this Black Friday and you’ll find lots of them on sale. Walmart, Best Buy and Target are all selling the Apple iPad 2 16GB for $399. Walmart includes a $75 Walmart Gift Card with its iPad 2 and Target offers a $60 Target Card so those are really the best deals if you plan to return to those stores.

Target also has the iPad 3 on sale for $499. Which one should you buy? Well, the iPad 2 is cheaper but the iPad 3 has a faster processor and a better screen. Both are great tablets and it’s hard to regret buying either one…unless of course what you really want is to be the first in your circle to have the iPad 4¬†which has double the power of even the iPad 3…decisions, decisions.


The Best Black Friday Android Tablet Deals

Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for just $179 (plus a $20 gift card). Sams Club has the same deal. But you have to be a member and they don’t offer a $20 gift card. But they do have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch for just $299.


The iPad 2 or the iPad 3

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The Best Black Friday Tablets cum eReader Deals

The Amazon Kindle is having a lot of trouble deciding whether it is a tablet or eReader. But if you like having access to all of Amazon’s products through your tablet, then Staples is the place for you.

On Black Friday they will offer the Kindle Papwerwhite (strictly an eReader) for $119, the best-selling Kindle Fire for $159 (it has a color display, access to a few Amazon apps and a good web browser) and the Kindle Fire HD for $199 (it has the best screen and speeds of the three). Both the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD come with $20 Staples gift cards.


The Black Friday Kindle Fire HD Sale

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Want more tablet and less eReader? Staples also carries the Google Nexus 7 for just $199, the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $179 and the Lenovo A2107 tablet for $149.

Those are some of the best national Black Friday tablet sales out there — and plenty of Black Friday phone deals too. But if you’re waiting until the lines die down to buy your tablet, why not take your time and browse through the unlocked tablets at You’ll find a wide variety of Android tablets at affordable prices all year round.