Target’s $30 Black Friday Phones

The Target Black Friday Deal

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Planning to line up at your local Target for a few Black Friday deals? If you’re in the market for a cheap Android, you probably already know that they have two $30 phones on offer: the Net10 Huawei m865 and the Kyocera Rise.

To help take some of the load off of your shopping decisions, we’ve reviewed both of these budget phones here so you know what you’re getting before you stand in line. 

The first thing you should know is that both of these phones are budget models. They’re Android phones which give you access to Google Play’s 600,000+ apps (all you’ll get at the App Store and more).

If you’re into Android, you’ll be interested to know that while the Kyocera runs on Android 4.0, the older Net10 Huawei only has Android 2.3 which is now two OS generations old. That may mean that your phone may not be able to run some of the newer apps out there. But stick to the standards like Angry Birds and Google Maps and you won’t notice the difference.

Speaking of apps, both phones run most apps and widgets without too much trouble. You may notice a little bit of lag when you open an app but you’ll soon be plugging along just fine. And aside from a little stutter when you scroll quickly through picture-heavy websites, you’ll find that both phones run just as smoothly as they need to.


The Black Friday HuaWei M865

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Both of them have 3.5-inch screens which is what you’ll find on the iPhone 4s. But you won’t get Retina Display with either phones. Their screens are fun to play around on but you won’t find any HD-quality viewing here. Although, at $30 that can hardly be a deal breaker.

If you’re still on the fence, consider the fact that The Kyocera Rise has a QWERTY keyboard. Exporting typing to the hardware will make the 3.5-inch display feel significantly bigger when you’re messaging or sending e-mails. And if that’s primarily what you plan to do with your phone, this gives the Kyocera Rise a big leg up.

Other than that, both phones run neck and neck. They both have room on board for micro SD card storage (which you should be able to find some great Black Friday deals on) which adds 64GB of storage to each phone.

Both will take pictures fairly well as long as your subject is still and the light is bright. But there are plenty of mid to high range phones with similar limitations that cost a lot more money. With most phones you’re best off sticking with Facebook and Instagram photos. If you’ve got any holiday vacations planned, take a point and shoot along.


The Black Friday Kyocera Rise

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All in all, the Huawei M865 and the Kyocera Rise are fairly good buys for the Black Friday price. We’re especially big fans about them because they’re unlocked. Without tying yourself to a carrier you’re free to shop for the cheapest data plans around.

If you’re interested in unlocked phones with slightly better specs, check out what’s available at They have a wide variety of unlocked phones at an even wider variety of price points. It’s a great way to spend you’re Black Friday savings and you don’t have to wait in line to do it.