RIM Has a Secret Weapon to Lure Customers to the BlackBerry Aristo

The BlackBerry 10's Secret

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Over the past few years, RIM has been tumultuous at best. Shortly after entering the smartphone market, they took the business world by storm by innovating a work-oriented phone while Apple was busy playing around. Unfortunately, they got stuck in their niche market. And soon even Wall Street types couldn’t resist the big touch screens and apps that Apple and Google offered.

Consequently, BlackBerry’s stock has plummeted. But while they’re flying dangerously close to oblivion, they’re not out for the count. According to RIM, they’re working on another market-changing move that might change the future of RIM and put BlackBerry back on the map.

RIM’s big secret is its QNX OS platform. You’ve probably never heard of it, but it’s everywhere. It’s the nearly-universal operating system that runs most of the electronic devices that populate our metropolitan universe. You’ll find QNX running the electronics in most cars, credit card machines, ticket counters and parking meters.

By joining RIM’s OS with those of most of the electronic systems around us, RIM can offer unprecedented communications. That means the BlackBerry Aristo will be embedded with the technology to seamlessly link with your car, the local ATM, the credit card machine at the checkout counter and the parking meter on the street.

That’s much more than Apple or Android can offer. And while the new BlackBerry 10 will come with NFC capability, this exponentially expands the environmental communication that you can accomplish with your personal phone.



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It’s not clear just yet what communication this first version of BlackBerry QNX will offer, but the possibilities are wide enough to be really exciting. This could be the next big step in phone communications that will link us into the hive mind of interaction. Pretty soon, we might be able to communicate with everything from the cashier at the restaurant to the climate controls in our cars. And it will all be thanks to BlackBerry Aristo.

Once again we’ll have our neighbors to the north to thank for revolutionizing the phone industry. And if the QNX OS lives up to its potential, BlackBerry will be as excited as its customers. BlackBerry has taken a lot of risks with BB10 their new operating system. For one, they’ve waited until January 30th 2013 to release it. That’s given them time to nearly quadruple the number of apps available at their app store, but it means they will miss out on the holiday phone rush that many phone manufacturers depend on.

And that’s going to create an interesting conundrum. The new functionality that BlackBerry Aristo offers is amazing, but how many people will want to buy a new phone in January after they’ve just gotten a taste of the best that Android and Apple have to offer in December?


The New BlackBerry

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If you want to wait and take a chance on BlackBerry’s new technology, we recommend saving your holiday cash by buying a cheap unlocked BlackBerry Aristo phone. Grab a great deal at an online unlocked phone retailer like GSM Nation and you can enjoy some of the best specs on offer for a few months and then upgrade your phone experience with BlackBerry in February.

Or, you could just wait and see. This technology is just going to get better. And by next Christmas you can join the rest of the world and enjoy the new frontier of phone technology.

  • KefkaPelazzo

    So because they run the same OS the are all just going to magically network? Buahahaha!

  • salglrac

    Personally, I think RIM is a little late. While I loved my BB Bold 9000, it would take something really fantastic to get me away from my Galaxy S3.

  • Hype, hype. Can you tell me what QNX can do for RIM that NFC+Wifi can’t do?

  • Isn’t that Apple’s claim as well?

  • Political Punch

    This is just hilarious.
    Blackberry lost.

  • NiagaraTim

    Why do writers keep calling them RIM when they know the company changed the name awhile back.. Hey, Meg, if you’re reading this, try calling them their proper name from now on ok? Its Blackberry, not RIM

  • TwigaBob

    I like QNX but not enough to ever own another Blackberry after my horrible experience with my first (and last) one. Fool me once etc.

  • Eldon Wilk

    This article is from nov 2012 talking about the aristo.

  • phil

    BlackBerry is showing a lot of guts and an awful lot of smarts I would not count them out for a second . Apple is not going to stay at the top there is way to many very smart company’s out there BlackBerry is most definitely one of them.

  • Pongyi

    Nope, Not quite yet, I have managed to get several iphone converts back to blackberry with my Z10. It is an amazing phone!

  • airknights

    Seen it, done it. I’ll stick with my Xperia Ion. Nothing to entice me into Blackberry ever again. Sad to say it, but its the same old company with a different name. Too arrogant to realize what most people want. Iphone isn’t the threat to Blackberry, Android is. Its growing, and will continue to grow.

  • skichump

    Looks like the BB ecosystem is building up. When you start with a rock solid OS it’s easy to build a huge system around it.

    The Aristo will be the next flagship superphone for those that want a large screen smartphone.Now all they need is a 7 -10″ screen that can be connected by bluetooth or wifi to a BB10 phone to provide a larger work area for data entry and media/doc viewing.

    The future of mobile computing is much more than the 1000s of fart apps.