Black Friday Deal Review: The Ematic Tablet at Walmart

The Black Friday Ematic Tablet

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For Black Friday shoppers able to get in line early enough, Walmart is offering a $50 tablet. At first blush, the price sounds almost too good to be true. So we took a look inside to let you know if the Ematic 7″ Android tablet is worth the low, low price.

One of the reasons that Walmart can offer the Ematic 7″ tablet for so cheap is that it came from the manufacturer at a pretty big discount. With it’s newest tablet, Ematic is trying to get a slice of the budget tablet market.

To keep the price trim, Ematic kept production focused on the basics. The tablet comes with a 1GHz processor single-core processor that is more than powerful enough to keep you browsing, app-ing and playing around. It’s not as powerful as some of the 1GHz+ dual and quad core processors that Samsung and Apple offer but you’ll only pay a fraction of the price they’re asking..

The screen is also a fraction of the resolution you’ll find on the top-tier tablets available on Black Friday. The Ematic’s 800×400 resolution display won’t blow you away, but it’s more than suitable for browsing the web and watching movies at 720p HD quality.

And the Ematic does have a leg up on the iPhone tablet even at $50: storage. The tablet comes with 4GB of onboard storage, access to 5GB more in cloud storage and room for an SD card that will add 64GB more storage to your tablet (for about the price of the tablet itself).


The Black Friday WalMart Ematic Tablet Deal

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That extra storage space will come in handy. The Ematic is an Android tablet that gives you access to the 650,000+ apps available at the Google Play store. There you’ll find all the apps that Apple has on offer and more.

The Ematic also comes pre-loaded with the Kobo eReading app that gives you access to over 2.5 million books (including 1 million free classic novels). That’s pretty impressive. And at $50 the Ematic makes a more than suitable eReader that you can use right alongside any pricier tablets (or any other deals) you may have your Black Friday eye on.

But the Ematic is more than just an eReader. It has a front-facing camera for video chatting, voice recording for taking notes and voice to text technology which is just plain fun that lets you do a lot of hands-free texting. You can even use it with Google to search.


The Ematic Tablet's Display

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All in all, the Ematic tablet is a pretty great deal for the price. It’s cheaper than an eReader and it offers lots more functionality to boot. It does everything that a tablet does and you or your giftee will be more than happy with it without you having to tell them just how little it actually costs.

If you’re interested, the Walmart sale begins at 10pm on Thanksgiving evening which means getting in line early enough to cut Thanksgiving dinner pretty short. Luckily we know of a few great apps that will get you through dinner in record time.