The Xperia Advance: Here Just in Time For Your Holiday Vacation

The Sony Xperia Advance

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This time of year is a big deal for phones. First there’s the holiday discount rush. Across the board, phone manufacturers are releasing new models with the best specs in the industry.

It’s also holiday travel season. And consumers are looking for a phone that they can take on their vacation and take the great pictures with all of those megapixels they paid for. And at the nexus of these two events is the Sony Xperia Advance

The Xperia Advance’s most obvious selling point is its durability. You can literally take this phone anywhere without worrying about its safety. It’s IP67 rated to stand up to beach sand, water submersion (3 feet for up to 30 minutes), a few short falls and anything else your vacation can throw at it.

But that’s not the only reason to consider the Sony Xperia Advance. It’s a pleasant, compact phone that features a 3.5-inch display that Sony has dubbed a “Reality Display” to compete with Apple’s Retina Display. That is a misnomer. The real retina display features a whopping 1136x640p HD resolution. The “Reality Display” falls far short of that at 320x480p.

But if your goal is getting out into the great outdoors, this isn’t really a deal breaker. It’s more than enough pixels to enjoy pics, vids, browse on the internet and enjoy the adventure apps that Sony has included in its sporty handset.


And what the Sony Xperia Advance lacks in pixel density, it makes up in processor power. The Advance runs on a 1GHz dual-core processor that makes everything you do on a phone a speedy experience. It’s not the fastest processor around, but it competes nicely with other high-end phones that cost a lot more.

What is disappointing about the Sony Xperia Advance is its 5MP camera. It’s good enough for Facebook and Instagram quality photos that you can share on the web. But it’s certainly no replacement for a point and shoot which is what we’d expect from a phone from Sony that claims to be perfectly suited for outdoor use. If you want to capture your holiday vacation memories, we recommend that you don’t rely on your phone.

To make up for that slip-up, Sony gave the Xperia Advance impressive battery life which is something we don’t always see in rugged phones. On a single charge, you can get 520 hours of standby, 6.5 hours of continuous talk time and 6 hours of video playback. That’s plenty to keep you entertained from activity to activity without worrying about your proximity to an outlet.


The Sony Xperia Advance in Water

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And it’s cheap. Right now, you can get an unlocked Sony Xperia Advance for just $250. That’s just about the cheapest price you’ll find for a smartphone with the specs that the Advance is sporting.

But if you don’t need a phone that can stand up to the elements, check out the Galaxy Nexus 4. It’s the best smartphone on the market today and you can have it for the unbelievable price of $300 unlocked.